7 Best PEX Crimp Rings in 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Are you facing issues with leaking PEX pipes? It’s crucial to fix the leaks to conserve water and prevent water damage. You have two options to seal PEX pipes – the more costly, laborious, and challenging methods of soldering or gluing, or you can opt for the best PEX crimp rings.

best pex crimp rings

Or, you can get the best PEX crimp rings and apply them to the leaking connections.

PEX crimp rings are super easy and quick to install, and you know what? When properly installed, they work even better than soldered joints. They create a nice and permanent watertight seal.

If you’re in the market for the ideal PEX pipe rings, I am here to give you proper guidance. I will walk you through the most effective yet affordable options.
Let’s jump in.



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SharkBite 1 Inch Crimp Ring

PEX Tubing Crimp Rings 3/8'' by Supply Giant

Apollo Valves APXCR12100JR Crimp Ring


IWISS PEX Pipe Crimp Copper Rings 3/4-Inch

Why You Need to Use PEX Crimp Rings

7 Best PEX Crimp Rings in 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide
Best Pex Crimp Rings

After connecting a fitting to your PEX pipe, you should not leave the connection as it is. If you do, there’ll most probably be leaks. Pex pipe crimp rings are meant to help you avoid such leaks.

The main reason why you need this tool is that it creates a watertight seal. You won’t have water leaking, and this will help avoid water wastage. Moreover, it will help prevent water damage.

Secondly, a crimp ring or clamp finishes your piping project. When installed, it makes the connection look more attractive.

Another great reason why getting a crimp ring is a good idea is that the tool is easy to install. You don’t need a professional. With a good crimping tool, you’ll create the seal in seconds. Simply press and go.

Next, it saves you from having to do the more difficult job of gluing or soldering.
If you want to quickly and easily create a watertight connection between your pipe and fitting, use a crimp ring.

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Top 7 Best PEX Crimp Rings in 2023

1. SharkBite 23104CP25 PEX Pipe Crimp Ring, 1-inch

Are you looking for an affordable PEX crimp ring? Sharkbite is one of America’s renowned plumbing fixtures companies, and it is a brand you can trust. Their crimp ring is high-quality, giving you the usability and durability you need.

The SharkBite 23104CP25 is low-cost, meaning you get to enjoy affordability and quality at the same time. If you were to buy from the big box stores, you’d get a 5-pack of 1-inch crimp rings.

From amazon, you get a pack of 25 of these crimp rings. Now, that’s what we call value. This unit’s great quality comes from the construction. It is made of copper, a heavy-duty material that crimps efficiently and keeps the water-tight connection for years.

Because of the high-grade construction, the crimp ring can be used for both residential and commercial situations. Another amazing feature is the ease of use. With a Sharkbite crimping tool, creating a watertight connection will take seconds.

You simply put your tool over the crimp, push, and you’re done. The tool is not included with the crimp ring but you can get it affordably from Amazon. For the best PEX crimp rings in regards to quality, affordability, and ease of use, go for this Sharkbite pack.

Highlighted features:

  • Made of copper, a durable material.
  • Installs in seconds with the Sharbite crimp tool.
  • Multiple size options from ½ to 3/8 inch.
  • High value in that the price is very affordable.

2. Xfitting ¾-inch Pex Copper Crimp Ring

Ever bought a crimp ring but it couldn’t fit your pipe? That’s an inconvenience every buyer wants to avoid. If you’re afraid that the ring you’ll buy might not be a match for your pipe, what you can do is purchase a universal crimp ring like the Xfitting.

The Xfitting ¾-inch Pex Copper Crimp Ring comes with an amazing level of versatility. You can use it on all PEX tube types and brands, something that makes it a favorite for many plumbers.

From Watts and Viega to Nibco and Everhot, the list of compatible PEX pipes is virtually endless. Do you want a clamp for hydronic heating installation? Or do you want it for portable water distribution perhaps? Guess what? The crimp ring is compatible with both applications.

For a crimp ring that gives you value for your money, get this product. Can you believe that the pack gives you 100 pieces for the same price that some brands give you 25 pieces only? And yet, the quality is the same.

So, if you want the most affordable crimp rings without having to compromise on quality, this pack is the way to go.

Lastly, Xfitting is recognized as one of the friendliest brands out there. If you notice that the rings are not for you within the first 30 days, simply mail them back. They will refund your money without asking questions and they’ll not charge you any fees.

Highlighted features:

  • High quality as they are made of copper.
  • Great value for the money – affordable 100-piece pack.
  • Great compatibility – works with most PEX pipe brands.
  • Can be used in hydronic heating and potable water installation.

3. IWISS 3/4-Inch PEX Pipe Crimp Copper Rings

What if I told you there is a crimp ring that doesn’t skid when you’re crimping it? Well, its name is the IWISS 3/4-Inch PEX Pipe Crimp Copper Ring.

The non-skid feature comes from the ring’s patented design. On their internal surface, the rings are innovatively fitted with two bumps, which hold them in place when crimping is being done.

That way, you don’t have to fumble around with your crimper and you don’t miss the mark. This makes your work extremely easy and quick.

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No one wants a crimp ring that falls apart too soon, right? That said, you ought to check what material your rings are made of. The Iwiss rings are made of copper, a sturdy material that lasts. You can expect your rings to work for years upon years.

Furthermore, the rings come with ASTM F1807 certification, which is to say they’re manufactured in a quality manner.

When it comes to versatility, the rings are incredible. You can apply them for radiant heating, rebuilding, manifolds, potable water, boilers, and more. Aside from that, these items are compatible with both valves and barb fittings.

If you’re in the market for a crimp ring that’s compatible with multiple PEX pipe brands, this is it. You can use it with Zurn, Nibco, Viega, Bow, and more.

Highlighted features:

  • Innovative non-skid design.
  • Quality construction using copper.
  • Installation is easy and quick.
  • Applicable for hydronic heating and potable water.
  • ASTM F1807 was compliant with quality standards.

4. Apollo Valves APXCR12100JR Crimp Ring, ½ inch

Are you looking best PEX crimp rings that are compatible with ½-inch PEX pipes? You have got to give the Apollo Valves APXCR12100JR Crimp Rings a try.

These ½-inch clamps are designed with excellent craftsmanship to give you the performance and longevity you need. The first thing I love about this fastener is how well-made it is.

Constructed from high-grade copper, the ring is sufficiently sturdy to compress the pipe and create a watertight connection with the fitting. Moreover, the material lasts years on end. You won’t need to worry about reinstallation any time soon.

Next, its affordability is quite attractive. As many users can agree, the 100-pack is extremely affordable, much cheaper than some 50-packs from the big-box stores.

If you’re seeking value for your money, this is a product you want to get. Good organization is the other thing I find pleasing in this product. A lot of crimp rings are sold in flimsy boxes or paper wraps.

The Apollo rings come in a nice and strong container. That not only protects them from elements but also keeps them from getting lost.

Whether you want a fastener for a portable water system or a hydronic heating system, the Apollo PEX clamp rings will come in handy.

Highlighted features:

  • High-quality construction from copper for durability.
  • Compatible with PEX pipes and barb fittings.
  • Works for both potable water and hydronic heating systems.
  • Comes in a convenient storage container.

5. Supply Giant PEX Tubing Crimp Rings

When applying a crimp ring to your pipe-fitting connection, the idea is to have a complete 360-degree compression. That way, you are sure the connection is firm and that there is no space for the water to leak through.

There are many pex crimping rings out there, but not all are able to provide this all-around connection. However, the Supply Giant PEX Tubing Crimp Rings do this excellently. That’s why many consumers love them.

If you’re to install clamping rings, make sure they’re high-quality. In that regard, you can trust the Supply Giant rings. Made of copper, these fasteners have the robustness you need to have a lasting connection.

An amazing thing about these units is that they are versatile. It doesn’t matter if you want to use them with manifolds, valves, or barb fittings. The fact is, they will work in all these situations.

What size of pex pipe crimp rings do you want? Do you want 1-inch? Or do you want ¾ perhaps? The beautiful thing about this seller is that they offer you a wide range of size options. There are 5 size choices from 3/8 to 1 inch.

Apart from that, you can get the rings in a pack of 25 or 100.

Highlighted features:

  • Full 360-degree compression for a watertight connection.
  • Made of copper and thus strong and rust-resistant.
  • Versatile – use them for manifolds, valves, barb fittings, pex pipes.
  • Wide range of size options from 3/8 to 1 inch.

6. SharkBite UC4008LFA Pex Crimps & Rings

Would you like a crimp ring that looks amazing on your pipe? The SharkBite UC4008LFA is a product you want to check out.

This crimp ring is made of brass and has a brass finish, which gives it outstanding beauty. Because of its elegant looks, the ring is suitable especially for pipes that people will see frequently like those in your house.

Apart from the pleasing aesthetics, brass is a really strong material. Your ring will, thus, create a tight connection that will not leak. Moreover, the connection will remain watertight for years.

Another amazing thing about the brass material is that it is resistant to corrosion.
If you’re looking for the pex pipe rings for a drinking water system, you also need to keep safety in mind.

What makes this Sharkbite product among the best crimp rings for pex is the safety it provides. The ring is lead-free and it does not add any bad chemicals to your water.

The only drawback of this item is the price. Compared to other rings, it is a bit pricey. Moreover, you can get it for less money from local hardware stores.

Highlighted features:

  • It looks great on your pipe with that brass finish.
  • Made of brass, a sturdy material that lasts.
  • Packs some decent quality.
  • Works great by creating a watertight joint.

7. Apollo PEX Crimp Rings 1/2″

The last item on this list is one of the most affordable packs of crimp rings you can get. This pack contains 50 crimp rings, each of which goes for just 11 cents.

It doesn’t get any more affordable than that. Indeed, if you need a low-priced pack of crimp rings that also has decent quality, the Apollo PEX Crimp Rings 1/2″, 50-Pack is the way to go.

When you crimp a ring onto a pipe installation, the idea is to have a permanent connection. But in all honesty, a lot of crimp rings fail too soon. They either leak or get broken. If you’re looking to avoid such issues, quality is something you shouldn’t compromise on.

Now, the Apollo rings are special in that they are extremely well-made. These are crafted from high-quality copper, which is resistant to corrosion and breakage. Actually, if you want a permanent crimp ring installation, this pack is for you.

These rings are also made with ease of use in mind. With most pex crimp tools, you can do the installation in seconds. It presses the pipe seamlessly and creates a leak-free joint that lasts.

For affordable yet high-quality copper pex pipe crimp rings, get the Apollo 50-pack.

Highlighted features:

  • Made of high-quality copper material.
  • Sturdy enough to create a leak-proof permanent joint.
  • Versatile – can be used with pex pipes and barb fittings.
  • Has a rust-resistant black finish.

Key Considerations Before Buying PEX Crimp Rings

7 Best PEX Crimp Rings in 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Before you purchase a pex crimp ring, you got to realize that these rings are not made equal. For instance, features like ease of use and durability differ widely.

Rather than making a blind purchase, I recommend looking out for the following factors. This way, you’ll get the best pex crimp rings for your needs.


There is a wide array of pipes out there. Obviously, when doing a water installation, you will want to get fittings and crimp rings that suit the size of your pipe.

If you get the wrong size, you will have a loose connection that leaks. Or, the ring won’t fit on the pipe. Therefore, before you purchase it, make sure the size is right.

For instance, if the pipe is a ½ inch, then the crimp ring should be for ½ inch pipes. It’ll have its size indicated as ½ inch.


When considering the right material for your crimp rings or clamps, you want something that offers you these two advantages – pliability and sturdiness.

The ring should be easy to squeeze and yet strong enough to keep the connection secure and leak-free.

Thinking in that direction, there are two main options you want to try – brass and copper. Both are relatively flexible but strong enough to create a permanent connection. Moreover, they are resistant to corrosion.


Clamps and crimp rings are typically sold in packs. By purchasing a pack, you avoid the hassle of having to return to the shop every time you need the item.

While considering the right pack for your needs, you may want to think about the price. While price can be used as an indicator of quality, I find that a lot of crimp ring packs are unnecessarily overpriced.

For instance, two brands may be offering their packs at completely different prices, and yet the quality is comparable.

While picking the items in the reviews above, I had many options I could include on the list. However, I selected the best based on a balance of quality and price.

Crimp or clamp

People often wonder what the difference is between PEX crimp rings and clamps. Well, there is the design, first of all. Clamps are designed like regular clamps while crimp rings are a continuous circle.

Because of the varying designs, the two require different installation tools.
While crimp rings are easier to install, they are harder to remove than clamps.

When it comes to durability, crimp rings beat clamps squarely. If you want a more secure connection that lasts, go for crimp rings.


One thing you need to know before buying a crimp ring is that this item comes in different versions for varying needs. Some are meant for pex pipes, barb fittings, manifolds, valves, and other uses.

Aside from that, some are meant for portable water while others are designed for hydronic heating installation. There are even some that are applicable for both uses.

When buying, be sure to check if the crimp rings are applicable for the use you have in mind.


Which is better, to clamp or to crimp PEX?

A crimp ring defers from a clamp ring by the design but both perform the same function. If you want the easier-to-install-and-remove option, go for PEX clamps. On the other hand, if you want a more secure and more permanent connection, go for PEX crimp rings.

How do I install PEX copper crimp rings?

All you need is the right tool for the job. Any decent crimping tool, such as the one from Sharkbite, will do the job. Slide the ring into the joint and press the crimping tool handles.

Where do I position the PEX crimp ring?

You should place the PEX crimp ring a ¼ inch to 1/8th inch from the end of the pipe. At that position, the ring will be right on top of the fitting.

Can PEX crimp rings leak?

Wherever there is a pipe connection, there is prone to be a leak. But with PEX crimp rings, a leak usually happens because of a bad installation.

Be sure to install the rings properly using PEX crimp tools and make sure the rings are directly above the fittings. That way, it will be almost impossible to have leaks.

Final Word

It’s a wrap, guys. Those are the best PEX crimp rings on the market. If you want a combination of quality and affordability, you’ll love the items in the review above.
Before you purchase, be sure to check the features carefully.

Realize that the rings defer in factors such as size and material. Importantly, make sure the size you’re getting is compatible with your pipe.

Because, for instance, getting a 3/8 inch crimp ring for a ½ inch pipe wouldn’t be practical, would it?

Then again, I recommend getting a pack instead of a single ring. That way, you won’t need to keep returning to the shop.

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