Best Toilet Supply Line in 2023: Top 10 Picks by an Expert

You walk into your bathroom and notice water on the floor. Thinking perhaps the taps were not closed properly, you tighten them a little and dry the water on the floor.

Best Toilet Supply Line

However, when you go to the bathroom again, there’s more water on the floor. Could it be the toilet supply line?

With a faulty or old line, leaks are bound to happen. However, with the best toilet supply line, you’ll not have to deal with such issues.

A good metal line also enhances your bathroom’s décor.

I will introduce to you seven supply lines that will serve you for decades. Unlike the plastic or rubber lines, these flexible metal lines are beautiful and durable.

Let’s get started.



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Fluidmaster B1T12CS CLICK SEAL Toilet Fill Line

Fluidmaster B1T16 Toilet Connector

Eastman 48088 Flexible Toilet Water Line

PROCURU Braided Stainless Steel Supply Line

Miiflex Complete Toilet Set Valve 1/2 in

Types of Toilet Water Supply Lines

Types of Toilet Water Supply Lines

A toilet supply line connects the water in your wall pipes to the toilet tank. It is usually a flexible tube with a nut on each side.

There are two major types available:

  • Plastic/Rubber
  • Metal

1. Plastic/rubber supply lines

These are usually white. They are quite common because of their inexpensive nature, but more and more homeowners are turning away from them because of their vulnerability to leaks and failure to last.


• Lightweight and easier to install.
• Inexpensive and budget-friendly.


• Can result in great losses in case of water leaks.
• They don’t look great.

2. Metal supply lines

These are usually silver in color. Though they are a little more expensive, they are increasingly becoming common due to the high level of safety they offer against water leaks and damage.

You can save a few bucks by getting a plastic supply line. However, by getting a metal line, you can save thousands by avoiding water leaks.


• They look more elegant and appealing in the bathroom.
• They last a long time.
• They offer greater protection against leaks and water damage.


• They are a little costlier (but well worth it).

Our Recommended Product of The Best Toilet Supply line in 2023

1. Fluidmaster B1T12CS CLICK SEAL Toilet Supply Lines

A perfect seal is one that is not too tight or too loose. The best thing about Fluidmater’s Click Seal connector is that it lets you know when you have the perfect seal. Working just like your car’s gas cap, this product prevents the fill valve shank and the connector nut from overtightening or cracking.

What most people find great about this connector is how seamless it is to install. You only have to twist it. Once you’ve done that, you will hear a click, and that tells you that your toilet water hose is sealed.

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Another benefit is that you don’t need too many tools. You only need an adjustable wrench. Let’s now talk a bit about the design. The Click Seal is made of a tough polymer that is covered with braided stainless steel, so you can expect it to last decades.

On both ends, the hose is fitted with a female-thread nut. One of the ends has a 3/8 compression thread that’s to be installed on the shut-off valve. On the other end, the connector is fitted with a 7/8 ballcock thread that is to be connected to the fill shank.

The hose is 12 inches long, which is ideal for most toilet installations. Owing to its high quality, durability, and ease of use, the Fliudmaster Click Seal is a good quality toilet hose connector to purchase.

Highlighted features:

  • Made of brass with a stainless steel line for quality and durability.
  • Easy to install – you only need a wrench for the job.
  • Comes with click-seal technology, which lets you know it’s sealed.
  • Made of quality lead-free materials for safety.
  • 12-inches long, which is ideal for most toilets.

2. SharkBite 24656 Toilet Connector

Rust is one of the greatest problems affecting toilet supply cords. If that is your greatest concern when looking for toilet water supply tubes, you may want to try the SharkBite 24656. Built from stainless steel, this unit is resilient enough to go for decades without rusting.

Apart from the quality material, the tube features a great appearance with a brass finish. It’ll look great in your bathroom. With most supply lines out there, installation is not a cinch. You normally need special tools and you have to do soldering or gluing.

What makes this SharkBite product unique is that it makes installation a piece of cake. You only need your hands to turn the nuts, and in seconds, you’re done. The toilet water hose is 12 inches long, which fits most installation needs.

On end, it features a ½-inch female compression nut, while on the other end, it features a 7/8-inch female ballcock thread. You simply use your fingers to turn the threads and install the fitting.

Once the ballcock nut is tight enough, you will hear a click sound. According to some people that use this product, the line whistles a bit any time the toilet fills. I am not absolutely sure why this happens, but I bet it is a technological modification.

Aside from that, everyone can agree that there are no leaks, and that’s what’s important.

Highlighted features:

  • Made of stainless steel, which makes it strong and durable.
  • Has a ½-inch thread on one side and a 7/8-inch thread on the other.
  • Built to withstand up to 200 psi and 200 °F.
  • Features a click sound when the installation is tight enough.

3. SharkBite 24686 Click Seal Water Supply Hose

Do you find the 12-inch hoses too short for your toilet? The 16-inch SharkBite tubing may be just what you need. With the extra length, the product is built for installations where the toilet tank and the shut-off valve are farther apart.

Like the 12-inch version, this flexible toilet water supply hose is built to last. It is made of stainless steel and finished with brass. Because of that high-quality make, the line is sturdy enough to resist rust and keep leaks at bay.

On one end, the hose has a ½-inch thread, and on the other end, it has a 7/8-inch thread. What makes it really cool is the ease of use it packs when it comes to installation. You simply twist the nuts and you’re good to go.

Once the toilet tank nut is adequately tight, you will hear a clicking sound that tells you no more turning is needed. With this product, you don’t need any tools. Also, you won’t waste energy or time doing soldering or putting glue on the ends to prevent leaks.

With your hands alone, you complete the installation, and the process will hardly take a minute.

Highlighted features:

  • Made of stainless steel, and thus durable.
  • 16-inches hose for longer installations.
  • Has a ½-inch thread on one end and a 7/8-inch on the other.
  • Easy to fit as no tools are required.

4. Eastman 48088 Flexible Toilet Connector

If you want an excellent combination of good craftsmanship and ease of use, the Eastman 48088 Flexible Toilet Connector hose is worth your consideration. This toilet line features a nice brass finish that gives your toilet an improved new look.

Apart from the appearance, the make is fantastic. On the inside, the line has a flexible PVC hose that allows water to flow smoothly. The hose is covered with braided stainless steel, which gives it the sturdiness it needs to last years.

The steel braid does a great job of protecting the line from leaks. On the fill valve end, the unit is fitted with a 7/8-inch female nut that makes a perfect connection with the metal fee fitting.

And on the angle stop end, there is a 3/8-inch nut. For the sake of quality and durability, the nuts are made of chrome-plated brass alloy. Rubber washers are included to make sure the connection is tight and leak-free.

If you are looking for a supply line you won’t struggle to install, you will find this unit quite suitable. In that regard, you can turn the nuts with your hands. A little turning with an adjustable wrench will ensure you have a tight connection.

Highlighted features:

  • Rubber hose covered with 304 braided steel for longevity.
  • The hose measures 12 inches.
  • Has a 3/8-inch on one end and a 7/8-inch nut on the other.
  • The nuts are made of brass alloy and they’re chrome-plated for durability.

5. PROCURU Faucet Hose Connector

Are you on a budget and you’re looking for an affordable flexible and the best toilet supply line for a toilet? You might want to check out what PROCURU is offering. What many people love about this brand is the level of versatility it offers.

You can easily select the connector size and hose length that suit you. For instance, there are eight hose lengths running from 12 inches to 72 inches. Therefore, no matter how squeezed or spaced your instance is, the right size is available.

For this review, we’ll be focusing on the 24-inch hose, but realize that the quality and features are largely similar no matter the size. The PROCURU connector comes with nuts measuring ½ inch and 3/8 inch.

Both nuts are made of steel that provides the sturdiness needed to keep preventing leaks for years. One of the greatest perks of this product is that it is made of quality materials.

The nuts are made of nuts and plated with nickel, which makes them strong and resistant to corrosion. Since the hose features a braided stainless steel cover, the rubber tube on the inside is protected from elements, and as such, it lasts.

Highlighted features:

  • Great versatility in regards to the connector size and hose length.
  • Made of 316 stainless steel line which is sturdy and rust-resistant.
  • The connectors are made of nickel-plated brass which is durable.
  • Affordable – for the price of one, you get two lines.

6. Fluidmaster B1T16 Water Supply Line

If you have installed modifications on your toilet, such as the bidet attachment, you probably need a long connector for the water. Will a 16-inch work? If so, the Fluidmaster B1T16 Toilet Connector is worth considering.

As it has a long hose, this unit creates a nice loop that gives your installation a more professional appeal. Another great thing about this product is the versatility it packs. Yes, this specific model is 16 inches long, but you can select another length option.

Choices include 6, 9, 12, 16, and 20 inches. Each hose is fitted with a 3/8 compression on one end and a 7/8 ballcock on the opposite end. As many users of Fluidmaster products can agree, this brand puts great seriousness into its craftsmanship.

The B1T16 Toilet Connector is no exception. It is made of stainless steel and it is durable, serving you for over a decade. Installation is a cinch, thanks to the well-designed nuts.

The ballcock even has treads to make it easy to use your hands to turn it. One of the reasons why many homeowners deem this the best toilet water supply line is its affordability.

For only half the price, you get the same quality you’d get in a supply chain bought from a hardware store across the street.

Highlighted features:

  • Durable as it is made of stainless steel.
  • Many hose length options from 6 to 20 inches.
  • The nuts are easy to turn and they have nice traction.
  • Affordable as they go for half the price of most quality supply lines.

7. Miiflex Complete Toilet Water Supply Connector

Are you seeking a complete water supply set as opposed to just a connector? Miiflex has you covered. For an affordable price, this brand offers you a set that comes with an angle shut-off, an escutcheon plate, and a water supply line.

First and foremost, a lot of work has gone into manufacturing. That is because the product is high-quality with a solid build and a beautiful look. The supply line is made of stainless steel, meaning issues like leaks and breakage won’t affect it for ages.

Its brass finish looks fantastic in any toilet. Chrome-plated and beveled, the escutcheon plate looks amazing as well. It is also built to last as its material is stainless steel.

The valve and nuts are made of brass and they too pack great longevity. There are two nuts – one on each side. The end that connects to the wall has a nut that is designed properly to fit a wrench so that it becomes extremely easy to grab and turn.

Turning the ballcock is also a piece of cake thanks to the design. The nut is fitted with tabs so you can hold and turn it with ease. There are two hose sizes to choose from.

One is 12 inches, which makes sense for shorter applications, while the other is 20 inches, suitable for longer applications.

Highlighted features:

  • It is a complete set that includes all parts of a toilet water supply line.
  • Common thread sizes – 3/8 inches and ½ inch.
  • Heavy-duty materials – brass and stainless steel.
  • Two hose length options – 12 inches and 20 inches.

Comparison Chart For Toilet Supply Line

Product Name


Click seal technology

Nut sizes (inches)

Hose length (inches)

Fluidmaster B1T12CS CLICK SEAL Toilet Connector

Brass and stainless steel


3/8 compression nut
7/8 ballcock nut


SharkBite 24656 Toilet Water Line

Stainless steel


1/2 compression nut
7/8 ballcock nut


SharkBite 24686 Click Seal Toilet Hose Pipe

Stainless steel


1/2 compression nut
7/8 ballcock nut


Eastman 48088 Flexible Water Supply Hose

Brass and stainless steel


3/8 compression nut
7/8 ballcock nut


PROCURU Faucet Hose Connector

Brass and stainless steel


3/8 compression nut
1/2 ballcock nut

Eight options from 12 to 72 inches

Fluidmaster B1T16 Toilet Feed Line

Brass and stainless steel


3/8 compression nut
7/8 ballcock nut

Five options from 6 to 20 inches

Miiflex Complete Toilet Water Supply Set

Stainless steel


3/8 compression nut
1/2 ballcock nut

12 and 20 inches

What to Look for Before Buying The Best Toilet Supply Line

flexible toilet supply line

A toilet water supply line moves fresh water from the pipe in the wall to your toilet tank for flushing. However, not all supply lines work properly.

A bad line will leak or burst and flood the place, or cause you to run into other undesirable issues. If you’re seriously looking for the best toilet connector, here are a few considerations to make.

i. Hose size

water supply connector

This is perhaps the first thing most plumbers and homeowners consider. Is the connector size suitable for the fittings? To know the answer to that question, you need to measure the distance between the fill valve on the toilet tank and the angle stop on the wall.

The common hose lengths are – 9, 12, 16, and 20 inches. There is an easy way to get the right size – simply check the length of your old supply line and replace it with a similarly sized line.

That being said, some folks want to get a longer hose for various reasons. Perhaps you want to create a longer loop or you want to introduce a new toilet fixture that will need a different size.

The pipe diameter is also worth considering, although it is not as important as the hose length. Usually, the smaller the toilet supplies pipe diameter, the more pressure, and vice-versa.

ii. Nut diameter

Ever bought a supply line with nuts so small or so large that they couldn’t be used? That’s a blunder you want to avoid. You can check your old line’s nut sizes and get a new supply line with identical nut sizes.

Or, you can use a tape measure to check the correct diameter. When talking about the nut diameter, there are two nuts to consider here. There’s the smaller nut that will connect to the wall, and there’s the larger nut that will connect to the toilet tank.

Common sizes for the smaller nut include 3/8 inch and ½ inch. Conversely, common sizes for the larger nut include 7/8 inch and 1 ¼ inch.

iii. Material

Before purchasing the product, check the material it is made of. There are three major options – plastic, rubber, and metal. Plastic is very cheap but it doesn’t last and it is prone to leaks. Rubber is better, but it is still vulnerable to leaks.

If you want the best option, go for metals such as stainless steel and brass. Supply lines made of metal can last decades. As you’re dealing with water, an agent of rust, it is ideal to get a line made of stainless steel as this material is resilient against rust.

Normally, the tube inside is made of rubber but it is enclosed with braided stainless steel for longevity. The nuts can be made of plastic but metal ones are better as they last longer.


1. What is the purpose of a toilet supply line?

A supply line is a tube structure with a nut on each end. Its purpose is to carry freshwater from the pipe in the nearby wall to the toilet tank to be utilized for flushing.

5. How long do toilet supply lines last?

The durability of a supply line mainly depends on its material. Plastic and rubber lines hardly last 10 years, and as a rule of thumb, they should be replaced every three to five years to protect your home from leaks.

On the other hand, metal lines, especially those made of stainless steel or brass, can last decades. It can be 50 years before these high-quality toilet supply lines need to be replaced.

3. What sizes are toilet water supply lines?

Supply lines come in a variety of sizes. There are two main sizes to consider – the length and the nut sizes. Hose lengths vary from 6 inches to about 20 inches although you get bigger sizes. In contrast, the nut size ranges from 3/8 to 1 ¼ inch.

4. How do you install a toilet water supply?

These days, it is quite easy for anyone to install a toilet supply line. With a good line like the FluidMaster Click Seal, you don’t need tools. You simply use your hands to turn the compression nut and connect it to the angle valve on the wall.

Then, you turn the ballcock nut and connect it to the toilet tank inlet. A wrench might come in handy for making the connection tighter.

Final Word

If your water supply line is worn, or if it’s been in use for a long time, there is a need to replace it. Fortunately, there are many options to choose from as I have illustrated above.

Furthermore, gone are the days when you needed a plumber to do the job for you. Now, with the best toilet supply line, such as the ones from FluidMaster, you can do the installation in minutes.

You don’t even need tools except perhaps for an adjustable wrench. As you choose your next supply line, remember to look for the right size for your fittings.

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