Best Water Hammer Arrestor | Top 10 Picks In 2023

That hammer is still haunting you, right? But, where is it from?

Is your washer the culprit? Or, a dishwasher? It can be your toilet as well!

Best Water Hammer Arrestor

No matter who’s making the noise, it’s high time to get rid of it. And, you know which weapon has the power to minimize the hammer? It’s the arrestor.

As the name suggests, it uses its air chamber to absorb the shocks and sounds caused by the water pressure surges due to the abrupt turning off of the valve.

Not only that, the device helps to protect the pipes in the walls and prevent the hoses from leaking as well.

So, do you want to make your house peaceful? Then check out our top list.
All the devices mentioned here promise to deliver you the utmost performance and give tough competition to each other for being the best water hammer arrestor.



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Sioux Chief Mfg Hammer


Soux Chief Sioux Chief 653-B NLC 3/4 Inch

SharkBite 25031 Brass Water Hammer Arrestors


Solimeta Water Hammer Arrestor

How Does A Water Hammer Arrestor Work?

When you close the valve abruptly, water being non-compressible, bounces right back in the opposite direction. The change in velocity results in a pressure spike and creates an audible noise. Water hammer arrestors have been designed to reduce this noise and shocks.

It has an air chamber behind the two-sealing O-rings on the PP piston. The chamber soaks up the water momentum. Meanwhile, the piston moves due to the spike.

As it moves, gas compresses forming more space so that water enters the arrestor instead of hitting the pipes. This is how it dampens the noise and shocks as well as protects the piping system.

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Top 10 Best Water Hammer Arrestors in 2023

1. Sioux Chief 660-H Mini Rester Water Hammer Arrester

Reduce your water banging noise up to 90% by using this Mfg 660-H hammer arrestor by Sioux Chief. Not only does it dampen the sound but lasts quite long as well.

The device is tested 500,000 times in the laboratory- which shows how solid it can be. Having been constructed with a combo of stainless steel and brass, you can use it for up to 3 years without any noticeable sign of corrosion.

Moreover, such materials are better at resisting higher temperatures than lower ones. Speaking of endurance, Mfg 660-H would work smoothly at up to 250°F. So, it would be very suitable for use in a hot water piping system.

As for the pressure, it promises to remain unaffected at up to 250 PSI. This can be an ideal water hammer arrestor for a washing machine. It comes with connections measuring ¾ inch male hose and ¾ inch female hose.

The device includes a Tee that you can either install on the washer’s supply valves or to the washer directly. It would be a few-minute installation work. The only issue is that the device has a higher chance of going bad after a few years.

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So, if you want something more long-lasting, you can consider MINI-RSTR HD660-GTR1 from the same brand.

Highlighted Features:

  • Max Working Temperature up to 250°F
  • Max Working Pressure up to 250PSI.
  • Suitable for Washing Machine.
  • Made of Brass and Stainless Steel.
  • Lasts up to 3 years.
  • The installation process is easy and quick.

2. Solimeta Air Hammer Arrestor

A great model by Solimeta that ensures visible endurance level when dealing with washers having superfast valves. It tends to work smoothly at up to 250 PSI so you can call it an ideal washing machine water hammer arrestor.

Moreover, the device would resist temperatures of up to 180°F, meaning, it would handle hotter water as well.

You get such durability because of its brass construction. Having this material will make sure it lasts longer than 2 years.

Apart from durability, the device manages to reduce noise by up to 85%. Although there might be a bit of knocking sound, it would be very minimal.

The arrestor is available in different fitting sizes. You would find it in ½ inch MIP or ¾ inch GHT. So, you can grab any based on your requirements. And as the parts are free of lead, the unit promises to be safe and toxin-free.

One gripe is that it’s tricky to install in tight areas because of its bigger size. So, make sure you have enough space while attaching it. A good thing is that the installation would be easy.

Highlighted Features:

  • Max Working Temperature up to 180°F
  • Max Working Pressure up to 250PSI.
  • Ideal for Washing Machine.
  • Made of Brass.
  • Lasts more than 2 years.
  • The installation process is simple.

3. Soux Chief Sioux Chief 653-B Toilet Water Hammer Arrestor

This is a highly-functioning device by Sioux Chief. It wouldn’t bother you with any vibrations since it has passed the test of withstanding 10,000 shock cycles.

This large water hammer arrestor device is made of copper which makes it great at resisting low temperatures as well as high up to 250°F. One of the great features is that its pressure level is rated at 350 PSI. Thus, it tends to handle higher pressure better than other rivals on the list.

653-B has got decent durability. Due to using high-quality copper, it would last up to 2 years without any big issues. Not just that, the arrestor happens to almost eliminate the thumping noise regardless of whether you use hot or cold water.

The device has a ¾ inch male PIPE thread and can be used for both washing machines and ice makers.

As for the installation, the process would be simple. You just have to make sure there is at least a 2×4 wall cavity so that you can attach it properly. If it’s needed, you can have it soldered onto a Tee as well.

However, the device has to be lined up perfectly. Otherwise, it can easily leak. So, if you’re struggling with the alignment, better to take help from an expert.

Highlighted Features:

  • Max Working Temperature up to 250°F
  • Max Working Pressure up to 350PSI.
  • Ideal for Washing Machines and Ice Makers.
  • Made of Copper.
  • Lasts up to 2 years.
  • Simple and quick setup process.

4. Supply Giant IS-BB-36DPNQ Washing Machine Water Hammer

Want a water hammer arrestor for the toilet? Then use IS-BB-36DPNQ by Supply Giant. This device works to turn the water sound from a giant bang to a little click.

Because of the air cushion inside the arrestor, it offers efficient dampening performance.

IS-BB-36DPNQ comes in either 1/4-inch female or 3/8-inch female connections. No matter which one you pick, its design is simple enough to install within 2 minutes using just a few tools.

The arrestor promises to be rust and damage-free for up to 2 years- thanks to the solid materials. It has been made of both copper and brass that ensure longer durability.

Not just that, these materials tend to absorb shocks and noises to a great extent. The combination makes it withstand low as well as high temperatures up to 180°F.

However, it may not work great with a flow exceeding 60 PSI which is considered the range for normal water pressure. So, you may not want it for washers that use super-quick valves. In case you want one for that purpose- try this device from Solimeta.

Highlighted Features:

  • Max Working Temperature up to 180°F
  • Max Working Pressure up to 60PSI.
  • Ideal for Toilet.
  • Made of Copper and brass.
  • Lasts up to 2 years.
  • Takes 2 minutes to install it.

5. SUPPLY GIANT IBXN0056 Water Line Hammer Arrestors

IBXN0056 is mainly a Hose Bib style arrestor by Supply Giant. It’s made up of copper solely and it stays solid for as long as 3 years. While the device would efficiently lessen the strain on your piping system as well as the noise, it would work to extend the lifespan of your hose connections.

Due to the copper construction, you can use the arrestor with both hot and cold water. It performs smoothly with a water pressure of 300 PSI and a temperature of 250°F. Not just that, it works to distribute the impacts of water to help reduce them.

This PEX water hammer arrestor has a ¾-inch female swivel hose thread by ¾-inch male hose bib thread connections. Installing the device shouldn’t take more than 2 to 4 minutes. Because of being an HB-style model, it has a bigger diameter.

So, you may want to attach it to the tubing outside the wall instead of the one inside.

The arrestor may slightly cut down the pressure on the sprinkler. Although you may consider it a con, this reduction would help save energy without affecting much of your appliance’s performance.

Thus, you can call it the best water hammer arrestor for washing machines from Supply Giant.

Highlighted Features:

  • Max Working Temperature up to 250°F
  • Max Working Pressure up to 300PSI.
  • Ideal for Washers.
  • Constructed with Copper.
  • Lasts up to 3 years.
  • 2-minute installation.

6. SharkBite 25031 Whole House Hammer Arrestor

This can be a good industrial water hammer arrestor by SharkBite. Its connection system makes it quite different from its counterparts. The arrestor has a push-to-connect technology so that you can install it in a few minutes.

If you are an expert, it may even take under a minute! Because the device would be universal, you can use it with the piping system including copper, PEX, PE-RT, and CPVC.

It uses Brass of high quality. No matter how high the pressure or velocity is, the piping system would remain protected. The unit would also work to reduce noise by up to 80%, making it the best water hammer arrestor for washing machine.

Since the device comes in Brass with Stainless steel parts, it would work great with hot water pipes at up to 200°F. Not just that, it would also absorb shocks up to 200 PSI.

The arrestor includes a white outlet box made of plastic. You may find the box slightly flimsy. If that’s the case, it would be better to get yourself a higher-quality one.

Highlighted Features:

  • Max Working Temperature up to 200°F
  • Max Working Pressure up to 200PSI.
  • Suitable for Washing Machines.
  • Made of Copper.
  • Can last up to 2 years.
  • Instant Push-to-connect Technology.

7. Sicoince Y241-11-11 Water Hammer Arrestor for Washing Machine

If you want a water hammer arrestor for your dishwasher, try this product by Sicoince. Being a brass device, it would provide you with a peaceful operation for around 2 years. Not only does it dampen banging noise by up to 85%, but its air chamber absorbs the impact as well.

The arrestor would be very compatible with the hot piping system- thanks to the brass material. Having a maximum working temperature of up to 180°F, it deals well with hot water flowing through your dishwasher.

The device can also handle pressure as extreme as 250 PSI for which it’s considered ideal for quick-closing valves.

The installation process would be quite easy. It may take just less than 5 minutes to fix the arrestor into the pipes with ¾ -inch male valves. And since it’s lead-free, there wouldn’t be any chance of contamination in the water.

An annoying issue is that it may make the water flow a bit softer. So, if you think that the device is affecting your dishwasher’s performance, then you can look for another alternative such as 660-GTR1 by Sioux Chief.

Highlighted Features:

  • Max Working Temperature up to 180°F
  • Max Working Pressure up to 250PSI.
  • Great for Dishwashers.
  • Constructed with Brass and Stainless Steel.
  • Performs efficiently for around 2 years.
  • Takes less than 5 minutes to attach.

8. SharkBite 22632LF Water Hammer Damper

This is the top-quality water hammer arrestor by SharkBite. You would be assured of long and maintenance-free service with this device for up to 4 years. The arrestor has been made from premium-grade brass that ensures durability and rust-free operation.

Being a brass-made device, it’s capable of dealing with hot pipes at up to 200°F. Even if your piping system has high pressure of water, it tends to resist up to 200 PSI while reducing the bang big time. The big plus is that the arrestor features shock waves technology that successfully absorbs the impact.

It has a very simple design, especially with its Push-to-Connect system. Such a fitting that has teeth holding the pipe as the O-ring tightens, and this technique forms a secure, leak-free seal. Because the installation process is easy, you can attach the device to the pipes in 1 or 2 minutes.

Neither it requires any glue nor clamping or soldering. If you want, you can use it on CPPVC, copper, PEX, and CTS pipes. So, calling it versatile wouldn’t be wrong.

You would find it reusable as well. It has been designed in a way that it can be disassembled with ease and installed in any tight space. Just note that you would be able to reuse it around 3 or 4 times.

One gripe is that the instructions are pretty unclear. So, some of you may not understand the directions. But if you’re struggling, better to ask an expert for help.

Highlighted Features:

  • Max Working Temperature up to 200°F
  • Max Working Pressure up to 200PSI.
  • Suitable for Washers.
  • Designed with Brass.
  • Lasts up to 4 years.
  • Instant Push to connect system.


One of the most durable models by Sioux Chief. Being made of stainless steel, the arrestor would serve for up to 4 years. So, you would have a peaceful piping system during this period.

Such material is impressive when it comes to dealing with hotter water temperatures. It would endure up to 250°F without getting damaged or harming the pipes. Besides, the device has a maximum working pressure of up to 250PSI making it suitable for abrupt-closing valves.

Installing this mini-rester water hammer arrestor would be very easy. It’s going to be a 5-minute job. The device has a trunk of ¾-inch male thread and a branch of 3/4 -inch female thread. Although it’s compatible with washing machines, you can work it with a dishwasher if the hose’s sizing matches.

The big plus is that you can install it directly to the hose connection of your appliance. Once installed, not only it does eliminate the pressure spikes but also dampens the hammer up to 95%. Because the device is mini, it wouldn’t take much space inside the wall.

This might be a high-end model for some of you. So, if you have a tight budget, then you can consider having Sioux Chief Mfg 660-H. It almost offers similar quality and performance.

Highlighted Features:

  • Max Working Temperature up to 250°F
  • Max Working Pressure up to 250PSI.
  • Perfect for Washing Machines and Dishwashers.
  • Made of Stainless Steel.
  • Lasts up to 4 years.
  • 5-minute installation process.

Comparison Chart for Water Hammer Arrestor

Product Name


Max Temp.

Max Pressure

Sioux Chief Mfg 660-H

Stainless Steel, Brass


250 PSI

Solimeta Water Hammer Arrestor



250 PSI

Sioux Chief 653-B



350 PSI

Supply Giant IS-BB-36DPNQ residential

Copper, Brass


60 PSI




300 PSI

SharkBite 25031

Stainless Steel, Brass


200 PSI

Sicoince Y241-11-11

Stainless Steel, Brass


250 PSI

SharkBite 22632LF



200° PSI

Sioux Chief MINI-RSTR HD660-GTR1

Stainless Steel


250 PSI

What To Look Before Buying Water Hammer Arrestor?

What To look Before Buying Water Hammer Arrestor


Water hammer arrestors can be made of different materials. The common ones include Brass, Copper, and Stainless Steel.

i. Brass

If you want a device for dishwashers and washing machines, then brass would be great material. It tends to resist extremely high temperatures so it can handle hot water as well. The material is a mix of copper and zinc mainly.

Being a soft metal, it can resist corrosion very well. When it comes to Brass, SharkBite 22632LF can be the best water hammer arrestor for your piping system.

ii. Copper

This material can be great for both washers and ice makers as it remains ductile in both cold and hot temperatures. Since this is true metal, it comes with a high level of strength as well as corrosion resistance.

Plus, the material doesn’t get easily damaged even if it encounters higher water pressure. If you want a coper-made device, you can consider this model by Supply Giant.

iii. Stainless Steel

Another material is great at withstanding higher temperatures more than the lowers. Stainless steel is considered a solid and rust-resistant metal. It’s an iron alloy blended with nickel and chromium.

One noticeable nature of stainless steel is that it performs incredibly better under high pressure and temperature situations than brass. Want a device in stainless steel? Then try MINI-RSTR HD660-GTR1 by Sioux Chief.

iv. Durability And Endurance

Make sure your water hammer arrestor is solid enough to function under any circumstances. The longer the durability, the later the time for the replacement.

Typically, such a device should last from 2 to 5 years. The ones with a longer lifespan can be slightly pricier but they would be worth the money.

For example, MINI-RSTR HD660-GTR1 by Sioux Chief can serve you for up to 4 years.
Also, it would be great if your arrestor can resist extreme conditions. It should have a maximum working temperature range of 180°F to 250°F, and a pressure range of 200 to 350 PSI.

Models like Sioux Chief 653-B can be great in that case.

Different Types And Sizes Of Water Hammer Arrestors

Different Types And Sizes Of Water Hammer Arrestors

1. Single Chamber

Single chamber arrestors are mainly made of copper. Its air chamber absorbs the impact of water pressure surges while the device stays free of moisture. Such arrestors can sustain a water temp of up to 180°F.

In case you don’t have a threaded joint, there will be an option to let you solder it into the place on a T-joint. This way, you can easily fit the device into the existing water pipe. One good thing is that single chamber models wouldn’t take much space behind the interior wall.


Available in ½, 1, and ¾ inch fittings, you can install it into any part of the pipe and make it shock-absorbent.

2. Mini End Stop

This arrestor has a 90° fitting and a threaded end. You can directly attach the device to the appliance’s hose connection. Whatever the case- dishwashers, washing machines, or ice makers it would fit. It’s designed to be either soldered into the pipe itself or screwed to the threaded fitting.

Although the device works best when affixed at 90° to the main piping system, its watertight chamber eliminates the pressure no matter the angles. Similar to the previous one, it would also require minimal space behind the wall panel.


This water hammer arrestor is found in different sizes including 3/8-inch, 1/2-inch, 5/8-inch, 3/4-inch, and 1-inch.

3. Hose Bib Style

HB-style is pricier than the other water hammer arrestor types. It comes with a 6-inch-wide PVC (polyvinyl chloride) housing and an internal diaphragm. This design makes the arrestor disperse shock waves of water that flow through a fast-closing valve.

It can be installed straight to the water intake on an appliance like a washer. The device is better at sustaining high water pressures and temperatures than the previous two. Because it has big diameter, you may not find it ideal for installing inside the wall.


The arrestor can mostly have a ¾-inch fitting.

How To Install Water Hammer Arrestor?

How To Install Water Hammer Arrestor

Water hammer arrestors can have different designs meant for different fittings and purposes. Hence, the installation method would vary from one model to another.

Let’s explain one of the ways.

A. How To Install A Sink Water Hammer Arrestor?

Step 1

Get the right kind of arrestor that matches the piping system from where you get to hear the water hammer.

Step 2

Shut off all the water outlets, especially the one that requires the device to be attached. Open the nearby faucet to drain the water and make the pipe completely empty.

Step 3

Now check whether your arrestor needs to be installed by T-fittings. If it does, attach the Tee to the pipe. Then install the arrestor on it. That said, you need to measure the Tee-fitting at first and then cut the pipe accordingly.

Make sure the cut is smaller so that the pipe can be inserted into the Tee from both ends. As you cut through the pipe, it is better to have a bucket nearby. This will be handy for catching the water that may drip down.

However, models come with different installation processes that don’t require any add-ons. So, you must check the type of your arrestor.

Step 4

Prepare the Tees, arrestor, tube endings, and copper pipes by sanding and polishing them. Then, coat them with flux.

Step 5

After attaching the T-fitting and installing the arrestor to the pipe, make sure there’s no room for water leakage.

Before you test the arrestor by turning on the water, give the joints some time to cool off or dry.

B. How To Install A Washing Machine Water Hammer Arrestor?

Step 1

Shut off the main water supply to the washing machine. Open any of the nearby faucets and relieve the pressure by draining the remaining water. Disconnect the hose from the valve.

Step 2

Thread the arrestors, one onto hot and one onto cold valves. Make sure it’s tight enough. You can snug it up with tongue and groove pliers. Just don’t overtighten it.

Step 3

Reconnect the washing machine hoses onto the arrestors and tighten them. Make sure you attach the hot water arrestor to the hot water hose.

Step 4

Turn on the water and check if there’s any leak. In case the joints are leaking, you may need to tighten them a little more with the pliers.

If the leaking stops, the washing machine is ready to use devoid of any water hammering noise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where Is The Right Place To Install A Water Hammer Arrestor?

The place for installing a water hammer arrestor depends on what piping system you have. If you want to know the most efficient location, we would recommend attaching it closer to the valve.

You can also splice the arrestor on the side of the appliance or the hot and cold-water piping systems.

Not just that, it can be soldered onto the places closer to a pump. Note that some may consider the top of a pump riser one of the good places for installing the device but it would be too remote to be effective.

2. How Do You Choose A Hammer Arrestor?

It’s simple. You have to know the measurement of your piping system. Know from where the annoying sound is coming. Then find a water hammer arrestor that matches the size of the pipes or the valves.

Also, you should select the device that has a higher rate of endurance, as well as longer durability. It should have a maximum working temp of 180-250°F and pressure of 200-350 PSI. As for the lifespan, make sure the arrestor serves for around 2 to 5 years.

3. Does Water Hammer Arrestor Work?

Yes. The water hammer arrestor certainly works. It may not completely eliminate the noise but it reduces the banging sound to a great extent. For example, this model by Sioux Chief can diminish the hammer up to 95%.

Not just that, the arrestor works to absorb all the shocks due to water pressure surges so that both the pipes and the device remain protected.

4. Do Water Hammer Arrestors Need To Be Vertical?

No. You can install the water hammer arrestors at any angle- vertical, horizontal, or tilted. All the products listed here are very flexible to be affixed no matter the angle.

5. How to Prevent Water Hammer?

Water hammer is a common problem in plumbing that can cause a lot of damage to your pipes. It occurs when water is forced to stop suddenly, usually by a valve being closed too quickly. This can cause a loud banging noise and can damage your pipes.

There are a few things you can do to prevent water hammers. First, make sure that all of your valves are slowly closed. If you have a valve that is known to close quickly, put a piece of tape over it to help slow it down.

Second, if you have any pipes that are close to walls, put padding around them. This will help to absorb any shock from the water hammer. Finally, if you have an automatic washing machine, make sure that the water supply to it is turned off when not in use.

If you follow these tips, you should be able to prevent water hammers from happening in your home.

Final Words

When you have the best water hammer arrestor, not only it would provide you with much-needed peace, but also keep the piping system protected. That’s the main function of such devices.

But, before getting yourself one, make sure you measure the sizes of your pipes and valves. This will make you focus on the arrestor that matches them.

Hope the guide here helps you find the one and it takes in all the hammering sound.

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