Mapp Gas Vs Propane: Know The Real Difference

When comparing Mapp Gas Vs Propane, it is important to note that while both are fuel gases, they differ in their chemical composition. Additionally, they possess unique characteristics that distinguish them as heat sources for various tasks, such as cooking or grilling.

Mapp Gas Vs Propane
Mapp Gas Vs Propane

Understanding their characteristics will let you choose the right gas for your purpose.

We will introduce you to the characteristics of these gases to find out what is the difference Between MAPP Gas Vs Propane?

Other than finding the dissimilarities, we will also help you determine which will be more suitable for cooking.

Let’s get straight into the details.

What is MAPP Gas?

Mapp Gas Vs Propane: Know The Real Difference
Mapp Gas

MAPP stands for Methyl Acetylene Propadiene Propane. It is a fuel gas containing Propyne, Propane, and Propadiene. Though the gas is mostly used in welding, it can also be a good source of fuel for cooking, high-temperature cooking, to be specific.

Many chefs use this gas for grilling or bar-b-q. MAPP gas burns at 3730 degrees Fahrenheit, which provides a very hot flame to sear stakes or grill other ingredients.
This fuel gas works better and is safer than acetylene.

You can get 13.57 kWh of energy from one kg of this gas. Though the gas is colorless in liquid and gaseous form, you might get the smell of acetylene from it.

It is a toxic gas if the concentration is high. Inhaling the gas might impose different health hazards. Due to this reason, this gas was discontinued in some regions. But you can get MAP-Pro, which has similar features to MAPP gas.

Benefits of MAPP Gas

Mapp Gas Vs Propane: Know The Real Difference
Mapp Gas Benefits

Before you use MAPP gas for cooking, let’s know some of its benefits.

  • MAPP gas has a higher temperature than Propane. Its maximum temperature is 3730 degrees Fahrenheit, which is suitable for cooking in high heat.
  • Due to its high temperature, you can cook a lot faster with MAPP gas. It comes in handy when you are cooking a large number of steaks.
  • As this gas is odorless, it won’t impart any bad smell to the food you cook.

What is Propane Gas?

Mapp Gas Vs Propane: Know The Real Difference
Propane Torch

Propane is probably the most popular fuel gas for cooking and grilling. Propane is also called an LPG or Liquid Petroleum Gas as it comes during the refining process of petroleum. When refining petroleum, we get Propane as a by-product.

You will get 13.77 kWh of energy from one kg of Propane gas. The maximum burning temperature of Propane is 3600 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a bit lower than MAPP gas. This gas is colorless and odorless in a pure state, but added chemicals can impart a bad odor to the gas.

Propane stays in its liquid state at room temperature, so you can easily store it in tanks. Due to the portability of this gas, Propane has become a popular solution for cooking and grilling. Using propane gas is also very convenient and risk-free.

Benefits of Propane Gas

Mapp Gas Vs Propane: Know The Real Difference
Propane Torch Benefits

Here are the main benefits of Propane.

  • Propane gives more energy compared to MAPP gas. So, you will need less amount of fuel when using Propane.
  • Liquid Propane is easy to store and transport.
  • Propane is a lot safer than MAPP gas.
  • It is also less expensive than MAPP gas.

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What is The Difference Between MAPP Gas Vs Propane?

Now that you know the basic characteristics of these two gases, we will look deeper into their differences. These differences will be made in terms of several factors.

Physical Properties

Propane is liquid at room temperature and made of Propane molecules. But MAPP gas is composed of several elements and stays in the gaseous state at room temperature.

Though the MAPP gas has an acetylene-like odor, Propane is completely odorless when pure.


MAPP gas has higher temperatures than Propane. Where the burning temperature of MAPP gas is 3730 degrees Fahrenheit, Propane burns at 3600 degrees Fahrenheit. The flame temperature of MAPP gas is also much higher than Propane.

MAPP gas has a flame temperature of 5300 degrees Fahrenheit, while Propane has a flame temperature of 3572 degrees Fahrenheit.


Fuel gases are highly flammable. So, they should be handled with utmost safety. Among these two gases, MAPP gas is toxic at high concentrations. But Propane doesn’t have any toxic characteristics.

Inhaling MAPP gas can cause health hazards. Though Propane isn’t toxic, you should never inhale Propane either. If MAPP gas comes in contact with your skin or eyes, it can cause burns similar to frostbite, says Airgas.

Flavor in Food

Though pure Propane is odorless in a natural state, it can leave a gassy smell in your food. This is because Propane burns at a lower temperature than MAPP gas, so some of its elements might not be completely burnt.

As MAPP gas burns at a higher temperature, all of its elements are completely burnt, and it leaves no odor to ruin your steak or other precious meats.


Finding Propane in the local market is relatively easier than finding MAPP gas. Storing and transporting Propane is also easier. Propane is the clear winner in this section.


As Propane is easily available, it costs a lot less than MAPP gas. Due to the scarcity of MAPP gas, you might need to spend a lot on this gas. If you need a small amount of gas, then the price won’t be a big factor. But if you frequently use this gas for cooking, it might be heavy on your pocket.

Which One is for me?

Mapp Gas Vs Propane: Know The Real Difference

Between these two gases, Propane is easily available and more economical. But it leaves a bad smell in the food, which can be a major issue. If you aren’t using Propane at fine dining restaurants, then it should be a feasible solution.

But if you require high-temperature cooking with no bad smells in the food, MAPP gas will serve your purposes better.


Take a look at the answer to some frequently asked questions.

1. Can MAPP gas be used in a propane torch?

Yes, you can use MAPP gas in a propane torch. Though the flame temperature of MAPP gas will be a lot higher than Propane, the flame will be a bit weak and lean compared to that of Propane.

2. Will MAPP gas get steel red hot?

MAPP gas can be used for soldering, brazing, or welding steel. Its flame temperature can reach 5300 degrees Fahrenheit, which will get steel red hot.

3. Can you melt steel with Propane?

As steel has a high melting point, a propane torch might not be enough for melting it. Propane torch generates a lower temperature than the melting point of steel.

Final Thoughts

Propane and MAPP gas are composed of different elements and have different characteristics. Though both of them are used as fuel in cooking or grilling, their characteristics can have a different impact on the food you make.

So, what is the difference: MAPP gas Vs Propane? Propane is a lot cheaper and safer to use. But MAPP gas is much more efficient in delivering faster and better results.

Handing MAPP gas might be a bit more difficult than Propane, but it will be the ultimate choice if you want hassle-free cooking.

Keep an eye on their differences to choose the right gas for your purposes.

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