Convert natural gas water heater to propane: Guide

The propane water heater can be more advantageous than a natural gas-powered water heater. It is becoming more popular to discuss the possibility of converting the heaters. Convert natural gas water heater to propane.

What if a natural-gas water heater be transformed into propane? A natural gas water heater is indeed able to be converted to propane provided that the heater is equipped with the conversion factors. Making the switch from propane to natural gas is the best option since a propane water heater has more benefits over other models.

We have provided the steps to convert natural gas into propane. We have also included all of essential tools and parts required during the process.

Convert natural gas water heater to propane

What Is the Difference Between Natural Gas and a Propane Water Heater?

The two water heaters serve for heating water. The main difference between the two types of water heaters is the source of heat. The fuel for natural gas water heaters is sourced via a pipeline that is delivered by a certain gas company. However, a propane-powered water heater makes use of the propane cylinder which is usually kept in the home and then refilled whenever it gets out.

The water heaters work without issue. However, sometimes it is dependent on several factors like the price of gasoline, the conditions, usage patterns and so on. In comparison to propane gas natural gas is much more readily available and also less costly. However propane gas isn’t widely used because it’s difficult to obtain.

In contrast, propane-powered water heaters tend to be more effective and affordable.

Is every water heater convertible?

Some water heaters are not capable of converting from one source of fuel to the other. If you want to determine whether your heater can be converted then you must check the specifications provided by the manufacturer. These is located on the inside of the heater as well as in the instruction manual.

Certain water heaters are made to function only with a particular type of gas and are not able to be converted. But, the water heaters with the capacity to be converted could be changed to different gas types.

This process can require several processes, including changing the venting or the burner assembly. This is why it’s a complicated undertaking.

What Equipment Is Required to Convert the Water Heater?

It is necessary to have specialized equipment and accessories to switch an natural-gas water heater into propane heater. A list of the tools needed are listed in the following.

  • Screwdriver
  • Teflon tape
  • Pipe cutter/Hacksaw
  • Adjustable wrench

The parts that require replacement are listed below. There are three parts you will need to convert this water heater

  1. Regulator for appliances
  2. Burner
  3. Burner air shutter

In addition to this, you also need-

  • Pressure gauge for propane gas
  • Propane gas regulator
  • Propane gas line fittings, as well as connectors
  • Venting system component components (not obligatory)

How to Convert a Natural Gas Water Heater to a Propane One?

These questions and their answers pertain to the conversion of propane water heater to an natural gas water heater. Go through this section if would like to learn more.

Step 1: Turn off the supply

Then, shutting off the water heater’s electricity supply is the first step you must take care of. The power supply line should be kept well away from it, too.

Step 2: Installing the propane tank

Once you’ve shut off the water source the next step is switch off the gas supply as well. After that, remove the natural gas line from the water heater with an adjustable wrench or screwdriver then connect your propane tank.

There are several steps to install propane tank:

  • Select a room that is air-conditioned and has a free room
  • Check that the surface is level. If not, use an area of concrete to aid in leveling the area.
  • Install the tank and then connect it to the propane system.
  • Make sure to fill the tank
  • Last but not least, a qualified technician review the system as the system could have a flaw.

Step 3: Change the gas control valve/regulator

Manifold pipes should now be included in the heating system; put them on the other side to allow room for the gas valve. Install a spring that is new to the valve control, after which you can put the pressure regulator into the correct position. The air shield, or air shutter will now be fitted. Now you can swap out your burner assemblies.

Step 4: Attaching the gas connector:

Your gas supply line should have been connected to your propane gas source. Then, you can connect the propane gas supply to your furnace. While you wait it is possible to connect your pressure range using the NPT (National Pipe Thread) connector that is in line with the size. Turn on your gas source

Convert natural gas water heater to propane: Guide

Benefits of Propane Conversion

Below are some advantages of propane gas.

  • Efficiency in energy: Propane is known as a high-energy efficient fuel source because it has more than 90% of energy, compared to other fuels that have lower.
  • Cost-effective: Although the availability of propane might be in short supply, it’s economical when compared to the other fuels from fossil sources.
  • Ability to Work: Propane is also an efficient source of fuel since it offers consistent heat for the shortest amount of time and can result in savings on energy.

Final Words

You now know your answer to the query, “can a natural gas water heater be converted to propane?”

Natural gas water heaters is able to be transformed into propane gas water heater, if the heater is equipped with the characteristics of conversion kits. To convert it requires all necessary tools, heater components and, more crucially, the proper understanding.


Below are a few frequently asked questions regarding changing a natural gas water heater into it’s propane counterpart. Read on to know more about this.

Can a homeowner complete the transformation, or is professional assistance required?

A homeowner can likely accomplish this task. While it’s an essential procedure, it is able to be done at home when you’ve got the right tools and information. If you aren’t familiar with the parts of a water heater it isn’t recommended to try the process.

How does the NPT connector help with the transformation?

Within North America, a threaded standard, known as NPT, is used to connect fittings for pipes. The NPT connector assists in the compatibility of pressure ranges as well as assisting in the operation of gas pressures, and specifically how much flow will go through the pipe.

It also provides an encapsulated seal to the pipes and fittings throughout the change.

What is the most advantageous aspect of converting a normal gas water heater to a propane one?

Excellent workability. Propane gas heaters heat water faster than traditional gas water heaters. Apart from that the fact that it’s extremely efficient in energy use and can last longer than the typical natural gas heater.

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