What is a faulty gas valve electronic fault detected

Do you suspect that you’ve got an issue with your gas valve electronic fault detected? The signs are obvious and the best way to resolve the problem, however only if Gas Safe is registered.

This article will discuss common issues with gas valves in the gas boiler, possible fixes, as well as what expenses you could expect to pay.

Boilers must be serviced and installed only with the help of Gas Safe registered boiler service firms. It’s risky and unconstitutional to repair the boiler when you’re not registered as a Gas Safe registered engineer

Always consult the Gas Safe heating expert and do not attempt to fix your boiler on your own.

Did you know you own an old boiler, you could buy an insurance plan for your boiler to avoid unwelcome repair costs.

gas valve electronic fault detected

How to tell if your boiler gas valve is faulty

The most evident sign to tell if the valve that controls your gas may be damaged or defective is when it produces many strange sounds or in the case of an unsettling boiler. If your valve is defective and it is not functioning properly, you will probably hear many rattling or the sound of humming, much more than usual.

If that’s the case the chances are that some person, for instance, an engineer with a degree, needs to inspect it to get it running at a high level and also to ensure it’s not a risk.

If the gas valve is defective, can my boiler be dangerous?

Every boiler failure could be dangerous, particularly any gas-related problem. In the event of a malfunction Modern boilers will be programmed to shut off and then flash a fault-code.

The lock-out option on contemporary boilers is designed to protect two aspects. To protect boiler parts it will be shut out when certain issues occur (e.g. the presence of low water pressure, or insufficient water supply to the central heating system pump). Be sure the boiler is secured when it shuts off because of an issue with the gas valve. The continued use of the gas valve can lead to gas seeping into the combustion chamber.

Do not attempt to reset the gas heater. In certain instances, a reset could permit the boiler to operate for a short time before resetting the temperature setting the boiler once more, however when you’re still getting the same hot water out of the boiler, you will require the assistance of a specialist.

After the issue has been repaired, you should restart the boiler. Call an Gas Safe registered engineer to repair the boiler.

How a gas valve operates

Gas valves, as you could imagine, regulate gas flow to the boiler. Therefore, if they are not functioning properly, it is possible that your boiler may not perform at all because it may be not letting enough gas through or, in the most extreme scenario, let excessive gas into the system. One of the indicators that tell you if there is not sufficient gas flow is when your boiler’s pilot light failing to work or sparking.

This source could become damaged when there’s an issue, resulting in defects that cause a loss of flame, loss of flame or a shaky flame.

This PCB regulates the gas valve as well as other electronic parts of the tank and the boiler. It reacts when you change the thermostat, or switching on taps.

The valve asks for adjustments to make sure the correct amount of gas is provided. When you turn off central heating or hot water or gas supply line off, the valve for gas will be instructed to shut.

The boiler’s PCB is going to want to know how the fan operates before any other action. The boiler’s fan is the one that pushes harmful gases through the flue. The fan won’t turn off if the pressure switch is not functioning. If that happens then the PCB will send the message to the boiler, then it will stop.

The valve for your gas is supposed to be able of adjusting heat, according to the temperature of hot water or heating need.

What might be going on the gas valve in your home, do you think?

Here are the most frequently cited causes for where the issue can be found.

What could be wrong with your gas valve in a boiler?

Incorrect adjustment

The gas valve in your boiler is designed to open and close to make sure that your boiler is using sufficient gas. If the valve’s gas level is not properly adjusted the valve will not be able to allow the proper amount of gas to be released. This is among the most common gas valve issues that people have to deal with when they find something wrong on the valves.

There is a chance that someone tried to repair an issue with the gas valve before. This could be the root to blame if adjustment of the valve was not an issue and someone was unable to correct it.

A variety of gas valves are available in generic models. There are a few situations in which the preset adjustment of the valve might not match the boiler that it is set up to.

An Gas Safe heating engineer will have to come to your residence to determine the issue of the valve. Check to see if the company is experienced in repair. A lot of homeowners share their horrifying stories on forums of having to change the gas valve as well as the PCB only to realize the issue is present.

Heating engineers who specialize in specialist heating as well as the boiler repair firms can test the valve and examine it following each adjustment to the water heaters see if that is the cause of the problem. They’ll figure out if this is the case and then adjust the boiler to correct any malfunctioning codes.

Valve closure fault

Gas valves that do not close properly are another common issue. The “letting-by” condition is when the valve’s closure is not working. This indicates that gas is flowing into the burner assembly in the boiler.

It is possible to see several warning codes if you’re experiencing this. This could be because of gas valves becoming stuck, let-by or most often, “flame detection”, although there isn’t any gas requirement.

The gas valve that lets gas into the boiler is not secure like you discern. Shut off the appliance dialing an emergency boiler repair service.

The trouble is, the gas valve could remain open. It is advisable to close your gas valve from the mains when you notice gas. The gas valve for the mains next to the gas meters (it is likely to be yellow).

Once your emergency engineer arrives they’ll examine the valve for gas. It is likely that the gas valve is stuck, and can be resealed. It is necessary to examine the wiring, connections and PCB. They may send incorrect signals to the gas valve, if one is damaged or not secure.

The valve for gas can typically be replaced and removed. If the valve is showing evidence of wear or damage it’s a wise option to change it out as a protection measure.

Connectivity & wiring

As we’ve previously discussed the wiring, internal connections and wires are a major influence in how the gas valve operates. If your connections are loose or broken the faulty gas valve could be able to receive intermittent signals. In the event, the boiler can be locked out errors will appear while the valve may operate at times.

The engineer will examine each wire section as well as every wire if an inspection by eye isn’t enough to determine the cause. They’ll be able check them all using a multi-meter. They’ll need to fix the damaged wires broken connections or damaged components for the faulty gas valve unit to operate.

What is a faulty gas valve electronic fault detected

PCB Problem

It’s been mentioned before that some boiler problem lies cannot be resolved promptly. If they’re satisfactory, the heating technician must also examine various other parts and components of the boiler, if they suspect that there’s a fault. There is a possibility that the faulty gas valve isn’t working or has stopped and this is due to the PCB’s signal.

The heart of your boiler is the Printed Circuit Board (PCB). The boiler cannot function without it. The PCB might be at fault for different issues, like the fault code of the faulty gas valve. The lights on your display may be flashing and the boiler cutting off before reaching a temperature or hot water is working when the heater isn’t.

Multi-meters can be utilized to examine the PCB similar to an faulty gas valve. This could be the root of the issue in case there’s an issue with connectivity or power to the PCB. It could not just be related to the gas valve it could also be related to the PCB.

Consider whether replacing your boiler would be an option that is more suitable because of the expense to replace the motherboard (upwards towards PS450) along with the gas valve replacement or repair.

Sticking valves

The issue could be an electrical issue, however it may also be due to the gas valve clogging.

Gas valves are the mechanical components within your boiler. They, like any other item that is in the process of being used will wear down with the duration of. They are more prone to sagging as they age. They may stay in any direction that could cause issues like fully closed or completely open.

There’s a possibility that the gas valve could be repaired if it’s been stuck in any way in the past. An experienced heating technician will be able to dismantle the valve and try to make it function for the first time.

A gas valve an extremely crucial component of your boiler, as if taken care of, it may cause leaks, or even the possibility of a explosion in your boiler. If the emergency repair firm doesn’t believe the issue is fixable the company will most likely recommend replacement of the valve.

Seized valve

If you’ve had issues in the past with your gas valve getting stuck, it’s now time to remove it entirely. It won’t stick or completely seize, however, it may cause some issues or restrict your gas flow, or create too much pressure.

It can either stay open, which could be hazardous because it could result in that there is a large gas flow even when it’s not needed or completely close that will shut off the gas supply line flow and cause the pilot light dim or fail to ignite.

The scenario could result in the valve not being able to be replaced. The valve that is wearing out is not safe to fix. The issue (sticking) is likely to recur and even after it’s remedied. It’s inconceivable to shell out for labor only to get the valve replaced by contacting a repair service.

Gas valves can last for many years. They are likely to last longer than the boiler.

What is a faulty gas valve electronic fault detected

Faulty Valve

If everything else fails it is possible that the valve could be defective or unfixable. If the wiring or connection is damaged, the valve will likely become stuck. It is due to the expense of labor and repairs, making a repair expensive and not feasible financially. The best option is to have the heating engineer change the valve, or think about whether it is a gaz boiler replacement is the more suitable option.

What is the cost of replacing the gas valve?

It is possible to spend about PS300 for a new gas valve if you need one. This is inclusive of labour and components and the cost for the replacement gas valve work itself is directly affected by the cost of the parts.

Different boilers and the parts they use can have different costs, dependent on the model and brand as well as the component that requires replacement.

The price of an emergency call-out service for boiler repairs will vary based upon the length of time as well as the business you’re working with.

Be sure to verify the warranty on your boiler in case there is a possibility that you require an gas valve, and if you need one and it is covered under warranty, if you contact the manufacturer, they’ll be able to repair your boiler immediately.

Do I need to replace my boiler?

If your boiler is a bit older and is beginning to show signs of wear or is not covered by warranty or is experiencing other issues then it’s probable that an upgrade to a gas boiler is the most effective solution.

Before deciding before making a decision, consult your boiler expert to test it and see whether it’s working properly. If it is not, have them conduct a thorough inspection of any other expensive parts check if the old boiler is in a poor enough state that you will need to invest in a brand new boiler.


What does gas valve fault mean?

The gas valve in the furnace is failing and might be causing gas leaks in the homes of our families. The gas is accumulating or released from the chamber that is sealed. If gas escapes through the valve, it is released into the combustion chamber, where it will infect the air we take in.

How do I know if my gas control valve is bad water heater?

What’s the most effective way to identify if the valve on the heater is defective? If the pilot light on your heater is not off, your valve may be inoperable. It could become too hot, or the thermostat will be blown out.

How much does it cost to replace a gas control valve?

The cost of replacing gas valves on your furnace are priced between $300-$700 for a total replacement. Parts are provided in the service offered by your HVAC expert. The brand of valves cost between 60 and $200 on most expensive.

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