Can You Replace a Round Toilet with an Elongated Toilet? Here’s What You Need to Know

Toilets are an essential fixture in bathrooms that have been in use for hundreds of years. Through the years most toilets that have been utilized, have been upgraded with a myriad of methods. Today, toilets are extremely practical, long-lasting, and easy to operate, and durable. Can you replace a round toilet with an elongated toilet?

Can You Replace a Round Toilet with an Elongated Toilet? Here's What You Need to Know
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The primary role of the toilet is to dispose of human waste, however, it’s equally crucial for the toilet to feel at ease. In the end, there could come a time when you’ll need to stay longer than the short amount of available space of time in the toilet or seat, and if both the seats and the bathroom itself aren’t comfy, it will cause a problem that is already uncomfortable and more uncomfortable.

The two most well-known toilet designs are the round one and the elongated bathroom. Each style has advantages as well as drawbacks. But is it possible to have a round bathroom substituted with an elongated one? This issue, and others connected to it, is addressed in this post.

If you’ve got enough room, you could swap a round bathroom for an elongated bathroom. The people who enjoy the ease of use that comes with toilets that are elongated usually change their round bathrooms with an elongated one, even if they’re completely functional prior to their removal. Don’t pair an elongated toilet with round seat and an oval bowl, or in reverse.

Can You Replace a Round Toilet With an Elongated Toilet?

Sometimes, a toilet repair is required. Some people even change out excellent toilets from time to time. When this happens there’s no reason to believe that the toilet doesn’t function properly and a new alternative is required.

Can You Replace a Round Toilet with an Elongated Toilet? Here's What You Need to Know
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This scenario is frequently faced by seniors. If you’ve used the round toilet your entire existence, and now you’re getting more difficult to sit and rise, it might be the right time to upgrade your elongated toilet bowl by an extended one. Is this even an option?

It’s possible, provided it’s possible to find enough space for an elongated toilet. The elongated toilet will be it–lengthier than regular elongated toilets tend that means it will be more visible away from the wall. Therefore it is recommended that you install an elongated ones. unfinished bathroom sink or other fixture that is directly next to an oval toilet there could be difficulties swapping it to an elongated version.


Can You Replace a Round Toilet with an Elongated Toilet? Here's What You Need to Know
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The typical toilet distance from the wall behind towards side wall to the main drain is about 12 inches. Sometimes, the length could be as small as 10 inches or even as high as. In terms of in terms of height typically, toilets are about 16-16 1/2 inches from the floor.

Additionally, it is recommended that the toilet to be placed at least six inches from the wall on either side and over a foot distance from the wall is unneeded and to be inconvenient. If you’re able to get the dimensions right, there shouldn’t be any issues in obtaining a new one. It’s generally the case that if the toilet is already an ideal fitting for your existing circular toilet buying an entirely new toilet will probably not be a good idea.

Can You Put an Elongated Toilet Seat on a Round Toilet?

Although you could install an elongated toilet seat in the toilet that is round however, it isn’t advised. Although the seat does function, in the sense that it will be able to move upwards, and downwards as the elongated toilet seats are supposed to do, it’ll be a bit out of the toilet’s round bowl which makes it appear odd and unappealing visually. Additionally, this type of configuration isn’t a comfortable thing to sit on.

The whole purpose of having an elongated bathroom is to make use of your toilet more relaxing it is not advisable to mix a bowl with a seat that don’t go together. You can either get an elongated flush bathroom or choose a circular one. It’s true that you cannot get the most desirable of both when it comes to this, because the result will be an unattractive item.

Can You Put a Round Toilet Seat on an Elongated Toilet?

Similar to how placing an elongated seat for a round toilet on the round seats round bowl
of a toilet can be done, however it isn’t recommended placing a round toilet seat on a bowl that is an elongated bowl is another thing that must be kept out of.

Can You Replace a Round Toilet with an Elongated Toilet? Here's What You Need to Know
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However, in this instance it’s not because the seat would stick out; it’s the fact that it is too rough in the tiny. When a elongated toilet seat isn’t large enough, area of the toilet’s bowl will show which will appear unattractive however, it will also make the bowl isn’t cleansed. Additionally, if the bowl may not be completely safe, there’s an opportunity that sitting in it could cause it be smashed or broken, perhaps by a the half.

Is a Round Toilet Better Than an Elongated Toilet?

There’s no reason to believe that a circular toilet is superior to an extended one, or in the opposite direction. It’s more that one style is preferential due to its comfort and more comfortable , while the other one is popular because it’s smaller and doesn’t require much room.

Can You Replace a Round Toilet with an Elongated Toilet? Here's What You Need to Know
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However, this doesn’t mean that round elongated toilet seats, elongated toilets and bowl isn’t uncomfortable. There are some who such as the elderly or people in a wheelchair, aren’t able to stand and sit in the same way with round toilets or bowls. In these cases, having longer bowls and seating are much more suitable.

Are All Round Toilets the Same Size?

Most round toilet bowls The space between seats as well as the outer edge measurement of the bowl ranges approximately 16 to 17 inches. The bottom line is that the majority of round toilet bowls don’t have identical in size. However, the bowl’s size determines the size of seat that is required.

Can You Replace a Round Toilet with an Elongated Toilet? Here's What You Need to Know
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Are All Elongated Toilets the Same Size?

Since they’re slightly larger There is a greater distance between the fixing seat post holes until the exterior edges of the bowl’s the rim. If you have an elongated toilet seat, the length between seat bolt seat post holes can vary between 18 to 19 inches. The size of the seat should be in line to the size of the bowl seat bolt holes.


Can an elongated toilet seat be put on a round toilet?

A cushioned bench is able to connect easily to round toilet bathrooms since it performs effectively, but its style and design may decrease significantly. 05.10.2019.

Can you replace a toilet with any size toilet?

There are no toilets that can be fitted into all bathrooms of all rooms elongated toilet bowl. A new toilet with more space has to be measured correctly to match it.

Are elongated and round toilet seats interchangeable?

The seats for toilets will not be able to fit into the elongates, and you know, they are not the best. Do you know the solution? Take the tape measure along with the recorder and get started. Toilets are available in two sizes: long and the round toilet ones.

Which is better a round or elongated toilet?

Most people find the shape of the toilet easier to handle. Elongate toilet bowl measures 32″ off the wall while square fixture heights reach 28″ x 28.5″ The round toilet bowl is more cost efficient than elongated bowls and therefore it saves more money than traditional vases do.

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