Delta Vs Moen Vs Kohler Shower Valve – Which Is The Best And Why?

Selecting a brand-new faucet or bathroom device is an important option! It’s more expensive side you, and the last thing you’ll need to do is to replace it within 2 years. Delta vs Moen vs Kohler shower valve.

The process of finding the perfect faucet begins by identifying the best brand. Every major brand has various benefits and drawbacks.

Today this blog post I’ll show you how to compare Moen Delta and Kohler faucets, so you’ll be able to pick which one is most suitable for your needs.

Delta vs Moen vs Kohler shower valves are”the “big 3” when it concerns faucet brand names. They’re the three most well-known brands of faucets and have consistently been rated top across all categories.

It’s good to know that there is no reason to not choose one of these brands right brand. Moen, Delta and Kohler are among the top brands that create high-quality items which are sturdy, gorgeous and reliable.

Let me tell you upfront that we’re huge fans of Delta. In the bathroom renovations we completed, we almost exclusively bought Delta items. The cost-quality ratio.

Certain people consider Moen as well as Kohler as having the highest standard, however Delta is more reasonable.

According to me, Delta is by far the most price. It offers incredible quality at a the best cost.

The three brands are all of top-quality, the brands offer however they all have distinct strengths and weaknesses.

Quick Summary: Which Brand is the Right Pick for You?

Delta is best for…

  • Cost-conscious budget conscious Delta’s faucets are cheaper than the other brands and have cheaper options.
  • Installation is simple Easy installation Delta items are renowned as being simple to install and, in some cases, you’ll be able save money by not hiring a plumber to set it up for you.
  • Variety Varieties Delta has an awe-inspiring array of choices to choose depending on the finish, color, mount type or mount type. You can choose from a variety of options.

Moen is best for…

  • Design Design Moen offers more choices for diverse designs and combinations of faucet kinds, finishes, and other technologies.
  • Warranty Warranty Moen’s guarantee covers more aspects and elements of their product than the majority manufacturers.
  • VarietyMoen provides the most extensive range of styles and designs within the industry of faucets. Anything you can think of there’s a Moen for it.

Kohler is best for…

  • Children and families KidsKohler products are among the strongest products available and can withstand the daily demands of all families.
  • The cost of quality Kohler faucets don’t come cheap However, they’re recognized to be among the finest quality faucets you could find. Choose Kohler when you’re prepared to spend the money for high-quality.
Price $$$$$$$$
TechnologyHigh-tech: Great for high powerHigh-tech: Great touch technologyAverage technology options
DesignWide variety Wide varietyMedium variety
FinishesBathroom: 11
Kitchen: 7
Bathroom: 15
Kitchen: 12
Bathroom: 12
Kitchen: 11
ModelsBathroom: 400+
Kitchen: 450+
Bathroom: 400+
Kitchen: 225
Bathroom: 97
Kitchen: 95
WarrantyLimited lifetime warranty Limited lifetime warrantyLimited lifetime warranty

Delta Overview

My wife and I are both huge fan of Delta items and use Delta products all throughout our home. Showerheads, faucets for bathtubs as well as toilets are all manufactured by Delta.

Our bathroom was renovated three years ago, and ended up to almost exclusively Delta items. Delta products are the ideal blend of design and high-end quality and cost.

Delta was established in the year 1954. Today, it is a division to Masco Family Corporation. Masco Family Corporation.

Through the years, Delta has produced many simple faucets, with great performance, long-lasting as well as elegance.

The main belief behind Delta is the belief that water holds potential to alter how people experience their lives every day. Delta develops simple ways to make a significant change to how we view ourselves.

Delta is a long-standing leader in innovations in the world of faucets and plumbing. There have been advancements in the field like Touch2O(r), MagnaTite(r) Docking and H2Okinetic(r) Technology. The advancements in these technologies have continuously increased the performance and function of Delta faucets.

Pros and Cons of Delta


  • AffordableDelta offers a range of faucets priced just $70 and could go up to hundreds of dollars.
  • Installation Install We’ve utilized Delta products at home and we love how simple to use and install.
  • High-tech Delta’s Essa model is among the top kitchen faucets with a touchless design that are available.


  • ComplexDelta offers three distinct brands within their product line: Delta, Brisso, and Peerless. This makes it difficult to know which you should purchase.

My wife and me are big fan of Delta items and use the products throughout our home. The shower faucets, tubs and even our toilets are manufactured by Delta.

Delta Vs Moen Vs Kohler Shower Valve
delta shower head

Moen Overview

moen bathroom faucet

Our house was purchased in the year 2018 and are working on renovating our home slowly. We’ve done a lot of study and concluded that Moen faucets are high-end but not within our budget.

There’s an old moen shower valves faucet in our kitchen, which hasn’t been replaced as of yet. The plan is replacing it by a Moen touchless faucets as soon as we can afford the funds.

Moen faucets are in use since 1937, when Al moen shower valves started his company. The popular brand is known for its line of kitchen, bathroom shower head and bathtub. The company started by creating high-quality single-handle faucets following the time that their first founder was burnt accidentally from a two-handle faucet.

Moen has continuously improved its appearance and the performance of its faucets. The result is in the most high class bathroom fixtures that are available.

They have sleek faucets that are robust, and well-crafted. Additionally, they have more choices than the rest to choose from.

One of the most distinctive aspects to Moen is their innovative approach to technology and ingenuity. They have a strong position in the industry of faucets, and often are the first to introduce the latest technology and innovative ideas.

Moen’s innovative kitchen faucets comprise MotionSense(tm) and Power Clean(tm) and The Power Boost(tm), Reflex(tm) Pulldown Kitchen Faucets including Spot Resist(tm) Finish, M*PACT(r), and Hydro Roller(tm) Massage and Shower.

Pros and Cons of Moen


  • Style:Moen carries several various designs, finishes as well as technology choices.
  • warranty: Moen’s warranty is one of the most reputable for plumbing companies, offering life-long coverage in the event of no any damage to the plumbing during the installation.


  • Higher priced –Moen faucets have a premium design however, they can be expensive. If you’re looking for a budget, the Moen price may be difficult.

Kohler Overview

I was a child who used Kohler products. Every item in our home was Kohler including faucets, sinks and showerheads. Toilets, showerheads.

I’m fairly certain that my childhood home is still equipped with the same Kohler items that it was built with when it was constructed in 1997.

Kohler is a household name for its durability and top quality products.

Kohler is among the longest-running plumbing industry and most prestigious plumbing businesses around the globe. It’s one of the top American manufactured faucet manufacturers across the nation. In the area of kitchen and bathroom faucets, they’re generally considered to be high-end.

The company was established in 1873 by John Kohler in 1873. The company was the first to design a single bathtub to be used for daily use. They now offer all plumbing products you’ll require.

They’re best known for their technology that is touchless for bathroom and kitchen faucets. One of the main reasons is that they’re extremely well-liked in commercial areas. Also, they make the strongest toilets.

Kohler is also one of the most innovative companies when it comes to being environmentally-friendly. They’re working hard to come up with many more products that consume less energy and water and remain efficient.

Pros and Cons of Kohler


  • American Made –Kohler faucets are among the faucet manufacturers that are made in the USA which guarantees the highest standard faucet.
  • Eco-friendly The environment is our priority. Numerous Kohler faucets have the option of using less water which is greener for the planet.
  • VarietyKohler offers an extensive range of faucets with a variety of options in terms of finishes, style and design to handle types.


  • More generalized – Kohler is one of the largest range of plumbing-related products. It is less focused on faucets than a firm such as Delta.
  • Costlier –Compared to brands such as Moen or Delta, Kohler is on the expensive side.

Moen vs Delta vs Kohler: Feature Comparisons

We’ve taken a deep dive into Moen Vs Delta as well as Kohler characteristics to help those of you.

1. Price

In terms of cost, Delta is the winner. They have a higher proportion of faucets are more inexpensive side, compared to Moen and Kohler.

If you’re looking for a low-cost alternative, we suggest Glacier Bay or Pfister. There are a couple of analyses that may be of help: Moen vs Glacier Bay or Delta and Pfister.

2. Design

Moen, Delta, and Kohler All have fantastic designs and styles that you can choose from. Kohler is the most limited of designs to choose from, so they’re less likely to offer the style you’re seeking.

Moen and Kohler typically have classic, modern styles though. Delta has modern, minimalist designs.


Moen provides a variety of styles and designs for its bathroom faucets. Most popular is the common or single-mount configurations. There are also a variety of shower deck and wall mounting options.

If you don’t think that’s enough, then you could choose to go for Centerset. The faucets have three holes, and four inches of space.

It is also possible to filter your selections by spout form the valve, handle’s type or the valve model.


In terms of style, Delta truly offers anything you’d like. For kitchens there’s all of the basics including pull-downs, pull-outs, single handle, wall mounted and more. There’s a possibility of having them with a touch-activated feature as well. If you’d like it to have built-in soap or spray dispenser Delta can provide it.

This is also true for easy installation of the faucets for bathrooms. It is possible to get a single-hole or a centerset. There is the option of pulling-down, or wall-mounted.


If it’s about style, Kohler has several possibilities. There are six mounting options for the faucets for bathrooms. They are the most well-known ones: the widespread centersset, deck-mount and single hole. Most of their taps use levers.

A majority of the kitchen faucets come with single-hole setups that have one handle. The most well-known spout styles are pull-down, pull out, or even a regular faucet that has a the side sprayer.

3. Technology

Moen is usually regarded as the top faucet brand however, in our view Delta is the true winner. It has touch technology for the bathroom and kitchen faucets, unlike Moen as well as an option to use voice activated. Kohler isn’t renowned for its technologies, but they provide several useful features.


Moen provides the broadest variety of available faucets. There are super-standard faucets for a low price. However, if you’re looking to be a little more modern, these faucets have many bells and whistles provide.

There are a lot of new technologies to create their faucets to be among their most powerful in the marketplace.

  • Motion Sense Technology – This technology allows you to operate the faucet with no need to hold it. Simply by moving the faucet, sensors at the neck or the base detect the faucet’s control volume that you want.
  • Power clean technology releases water using half the force, which can assist in the cleaning of dishes and quicker. This makes it perfect for kitchens that have low water pressure that have an average flow rate of the faucet.
  • M*PACTHelps to alter the faucet’s style without the need to replace and plumbing expenses. The faucets come with compatible parts for installation to make it easy to change.
  • Spot Resist Technologyhelps ensure that your faucets are free of staining and water spots! It comes in stainless steel and polished nickel finishes.
Moen kitchen sink


Delta is among the most creative companies with regards to plumbing fixtures. They’re always trying to innovate and come up with ways to make their faucets more efficient.

  • Touch 2O TechnologyRequires just a single touch to the faucet’s handle to open and shut off the water. The faucets are touch-activated and offer faucets for bathrooms. Other brands offer faucets for kitchen appliances.
  • MagnaTite(r) docking helps keep faucets mounted when they are it is not in use. Many faucets experience problems with the faucet, or sprayer can pull away and struggle with remaining docked. There is an older Moen faucet in the kitchen at the moment that has replacement and it has issues docking.
  • ShieldSpray technology creates a powerful stream of water to help with cleanup with less splash and mess.
  • VoiceIQThese faucets feature the ability to activate your voice. They’re one of the very few brands with this feature.
delta faucet


For faucets for bathroom, Kohler has been surprisingly ineffective. There aren’t any special features, nor do they have any taps that are touchless for bathrooms.

For the kitchen, however, Kohler has added a variety of modern elements and functions for faucets over time.

The most well-known features include…

  • Touchless faucet technology
  • Sprayheads with 3 or 2 functions.
  • A revolutionary docking system that makes sure your faucet or sprayer stays in sync
  • The company’s ProMotion technology is now available on their pullout and pulldown faucets.

4. Finishes and colors

Delta is the brand with the best polished faucets we’ve ever seen from every other brand that we’ve seen in the business. Kohler is the second spot, while Moen is in the middle in the pack. If you’re looking for more diversity or colour, then Delta faucets is your best choice.


Moen has a pretty regular selection of styles and finishes. Bathrooms, for instance, can choose from 11 choices, with the most sought-after choice being brushed nickel or chrome. The kitchen is the most popular among their seven options is stainless steel or matte black.

Moen faucet finishes


Delta is a market leader in the variety of finish and color choices to choose from. The company offers 15 colors for kitchen faucets, and 12 bathroom faucets.

Certain designs also include the Lumicoat coating. It helps to repel liquids and helps keep faucets hygienic for longer. This can help fight the appearance of water spots and staining which makes it much easier to scrub.


Kohler provides 12 different finishes or colors for kitchen faucets as well as eleven to choose from for bathroom faucets.

5. Models

Moen offers a lot more than the other three brands, offering around 900. Delta offers around 600 models and Kohler has a lot more at the bottom having around 200.


Moen offers the option of 450+ kitchen faucets to choose from as well as hundreds of bathroom faucets accessible. It’s another example of how inventive and imaginative Moen has become through the decades.

For kitchen faucets, there is no manufacturer offers this many options. Also, they offer the broadest selection of bar and laundry space faucets.


Delta provides 225+ kitchen faucet tap selections to select from as well as an astounding 400+ bathrooms faucet designs that are available. It is an ode to their creativity, innovation and concentration on developing faucets.


Kohler offers a wide selection of faucets, with the option of 97 kitchen faucets and 95 distinct bathroom faucets available to choose from.

6. Warranty

The brands offer excellent warranties that we’ve heard about from different faucet brands are identical. The three main faucets comes with the same warranty for a limited lifetime warranty.


Moen provides that covers nearly every component which covers almost every part, excluding damage that results from that covers almost every part, excluding damage resulting from installation. If you’re the person who owns the faucet you’ll get it replaced when it begins to leak or drips.

It is important to know that electronic components have an individual warranty based upon the model.


Delta offers the lifetime warranty that is limited to the faucets they sell that cover the normal use and wear of the faucet. There is a separate warranty on electronic components. The warranty can’t be transferred between owners to the subsequent. This is limited lifetime warranty that is only valid for the owner who purchased it.


Kohler faucets are available their faucets in case of leakage drips, leaks, or the replacement parts or faucets for any other problems. The warranty is valid only for the initial user on the faucet. Unprofessional care or improper cleaning could cause the warranty to be invalidated.

Final Verdict: Moen vs Delta vs Kohler Faucets

Moen and Delta each create stunning head and faucets that feature new styles, technologies, and designs. They also make products that are robust and last for a long the years. I’m sure that if you buy shower fixtures and a faucet of both brands that you’ll be happy.

If we were forced to choose the one brand we’d choose I’d suggest Delta. However, it all depends on the kind of product you’re seeking.

  • Moen The best choice for touchless Faucets, premium faucets as well as fantastic warranty.
  • Delta Ideal for faucets with touch on, as well as cheaper alternatives as well as easy to install. Additionally, they’re a little more economical.

I’m hoping this Moen and Delta comparison has helped you determine the best brand for you!


Which shower valves are better Moen or Delta?

Pro’s advise Delta 1 and 2 in shower thermostatic valve cylinders to allow for easy repairs as well as to ensure that valve body of the part is in good condition for years to come and to ensure longevity.

Is Kohler or Delta better for shower heads?

The 1.1 GPM Kohler Forte shower with multi-function K22169 is a lower flow version of our top pick. It’s fantastic for what it is. The absence of a pause feature and the shower’s water-drenching feature renders it useless but more fun.

Is Kohler or Moen better?

Kohler has outperformed MOEN in a variety of categories, including the age of their brand, its reputation and innovations. The companies are specialized in diverse categories such as longevity and satisfaction. MOEN beat Kohler with a slight amount because Kohler generally offers premium goods.

Are Kohler shower valves good?

All right. Peerless for less price (from Delta) and uses the same standard Delta Shower valves. Brizo (Deltas high-end brand shower valves), Riobel and Hansgrohe.

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