Pop up Drain Vs Push-Down Drain: A Complete Comparison

If we are building a brand new home We are constantly focused on obtaining the best electric connections as well as the high-quality water system. Yet, one crucial aspect is always overlooked: the drain plug! pop up drain vs push down drain.

In the end, between pop-up drain and push-down which is the better option?

Pop up Drain Vs Push-Down Drain: A Complete Comparison

The major differentiator is the fact that the pop-up drain mechanism is operated by an lever, whereas the push-down drain operates via an unidirectional button press.

But, they don’t just differ in the way they operate. There’s plenty more to talk about in this article, from the pros and cons of each to the drain plug that will best suit the perfect home.

How to Buy The Right Pop Up Drain for Your Sink?

SpecificationsPop-up DrainPush down Drain
MaterialChrome, Polished Brass, Antique Brass, Brushed Nickel, Venetian BronzeChrome, Bronze, Brushed Nickel
PriceComparatively cheapCostlier than Pop-up drain
Sink stylesPedestal, Under-mount Vessel, Drop-inPedestal, Under-mount Vessel, Drop-in
MechanismWorks with Lift and pivot rodWorks with spring
Designed optionLessMore
UncloggingEasy to unclogA bit complicated
Lever SystemYesNo

1. Measure the sink

The drain of your sink must be in line with the opening for drains on the sink for it to function properly. Make sure to measure the drain opening so that you’re getting the proper drainage size. You can also consult the instructions of the manufacturer included with your sink, as they will include the proper drain dimensions. Drain holes typically measure 1 1/4 inch wide, however 1 1/2 inches and 1 5/8 inches can also be typical sizes.

Drains are measured by the threaded part of drain (this threaded portion is the part that runs between the countertop and sink). The typical sinkhole is 1 1/2 inches wide and can be used to fit the majority of toilet drains. The information below is included with the waste materials.

Pop up Drain Vs Push-Down Drain: A Complete Comparison

2. Choose pop-up or grid functionality

Sink drains can be described as overflow drains or lattice drains The difference is overlay drains are close to each other to the other sink drain, and water may collect inside the basin. Grid drains feature tiny holes that are not shut, and therefore water drains out.

Pop-up drains usually opened and closed by an lever that is located under the kitchen sink. But, some drains are equipped with levers at other locations. The types of drains mentioned above can be useful if you require filling the basin with water. The benefit with mesh drains is the fact that the small holes allow only water to be able to enter. The mesh can catch anything bigger which prevents the from clogging.

Pop up Drain Vs Push-Down Drain: A Complete Comparison

3. Complement the style of your sink

You should ensure that your bathroom sink has a an elegant look by selecting the right drain to match your sink. However, this doesn’t mean that it has to be matched with the faucet or sink. A drain that has a different material or finish can be used as a design element for the sink.

They are the most sought-after plumbing drains since the material has a beautiful appearance and is sturdy. Copper and stainless steel drains are equally popular.

Bronze is an incredibly versatile finish that makes a striking blend with various sinks. It is a great match for copper sinks, and is particularly striking when combined against concrete ones. The brushed nickel finish gives stunning shine. It is just a matter of keeping the surface clean and keep appearing its best. If you are looking for a contemporary appearance, a chrome-colored drain can be a good option, especially when you have an chrome faucet.

4. Check if your sink has an overflow

Drains are available with or without overflow openings. Overflow ports are an insignificant hole that is a small hole drilled at the uppermost threaded part of the drain, which allows overflowing water to flow from the sink to flow into in the drainage pipe. If the sink you are using has an overflow, it’s crucial to get one with an overflow port for the drain and sink to work effectively. If the sink you are using does not contain an overflow and is not able to be paired with drains that have an overflow opening.

Pop up Drain Vs Push-Down Drain: A Complete Comparison

Overflows are an option design option in certain sinks. Like the name implies it stops the water from spilling over. Overflows are a tiny, small hole in the basin. It allows air to flow into the drain, while the sink is filled with water. This means that the water drains more quickly. Drains for sinks can be found both with and without overflow. Find out if the sink you are using has an overflow to pick the proper drain.

5. Support the sink with a mounting ring

If you’ve got an over-the-counter sink rather than an uninvolved sink installed within the cabinet, select an over-the-counter drain fitted with an attached ring. The mounting ring is a support for the sink and is crucial since the sink will not be supported in all directions by a cabinet.

6. Installing the pop-up drain plugs

Pop up Drain Vs Push-Down Drain: A Complete Comparison

The sink drain stopper: pops up is an excellent feature that is even though installation is generally straightforward, the procedure is sometimes complicated because of variations of fittings or fixtures. If it is necessary to set up an entirely new drain the following steps will make it easier to complete the procedure.

Pop up Drain Vs Push-Down Drain!

We have discussed what the major difference in drain plugs of two types is the way they perform. However, before discussing their distinct functions before we can discuss their functions, it’s important to know what the primary purpose behind drain plugs.

Pop up Drain Vs Push-Down Drain: A Complete Comparison

Drain plugs

The drain plugs are an component that we typically use in our bathtubs and sinks. They are used to block the flow of water or stop it from flowing down the drain pipes, or to allow an easy flow of water.

Drain plugs can be very useful if you need to ensure the water level of your bath tub when you take a bath. They can also be used when washing dishes in the sink.

Pop up Drain

The time has come to examine both types of drain plugs’ distinctive function. Each drain plug operates by an outlet on the bottom of the tub or sink. When the switch is turned on and it is lifted, it raises the lever and pivot lift rod and drain pivot rod works, opening the way to drain systems.

The water that is stored in your tub or the sink flows into the drainage system ridding the entire surface your tub or sink. The switch is pressed down again and the lever, along with the pivot rod block all pathways to access the drainage system.

Push-Down Drain

The process of the drainage drain that is pushed down is pretty straightforward and fairly easy compared to a drain plug that pops up.

The drain plug that is pushed down functions through springs beneath the plug. As it is pulled downwards, this spring will seal any gaps that allow water to move through it.

After a second time then, the spring opens up and permits a more smooth flowing of water from the bathtub and sink.

A Summary Of The Comparison Between The Two Drain Plugs

Pop up Drain Vs Push-Down Drain: A Complete Comparison

The contrast between these two drain plugs could be quite lengthy. Then, taking in so many details simultaneously can be a challenge.

Therefore, we have provided a table that shows the general differences between the drain plugs that will help to understand all of the facts in this post.

FactorsPop up DrainPush-Down Drain
Price$10 to $35$15 to $60
MechanismWorks in seamless motion with a lever and a pivot rodWorks via a spring that blocks the waterway
Ease Of CleaningA bit complicated to properly cleanVery easy to clean
UncloggingSimple to flush down any clogComplicated to clean any clogging
MaterialsVenetian Bronze, Antique Brass, Polished Brass, Brushed Nickel, ChromeBronze, Brushed Nickel, Chrome
InstallationA bit complicated to installVery easy to install
Design OptionsNot too many options available on the marketPlenty of options

Materials Comparison Between Pop up Vs Push-Down Drain Plugs

Pop up drains are nonetheless more commonly employed and used in everyday homes. This is why a broad range of substances are employed to create pop-up drains.

However, the drain plug with a push-down design is not new to the marketplace, and has many different types of material. From bronze and chrome and even polished brass and nickel.

But it isn’t as impressive against the drain plug that pops up. It comes with more than 7 different materials, each of which has distinct advantages. The options range from elegant design choices using antique brass, to high-end options with Venetian bronze, you’ll be able to discover it all using drain plugs that will pop up assembly and open.

Design Options In Both The Drain Plugs

The options for the design of pop-up drain plugs are limited in comparison to the counterpart. The big lever that sticks out which makes modern styles quite difficult to install on the drain plug.

In contrast, Pop-up drains don’t have to contend any of these issues. Because the style of the pop up drain plug is quite simple it allows for a wide range of different designs to be made little difficulty.

Price Comparison Between The Drain Plugs

While the cost will vary greatly based on the model and type of material that you’re searching for, pull-down plugs tend as more expensive as compared to pop-up plugs.

But, pop-up plugs can be a good alternative to a ‘bang-for-buck’ drain plug if contemplating getting the overflow feature. They are the same price with and without the feature!

Overflow Feature In Drain Plugs

The water faucet is turned on to fill the tub during breaks and watching television is an everyday routine. If you fail to shut off the tap at a certain time, your entire bathroom will be filled with water.

This is the reason why the overflow feature is helpful. It can tell if the tub is full of water. In true, then it will open one small gap in the drain plug, allowing it to remove the excess water.

Which Drain Plug Is Easier To Unclog?

The possibility of hair or other sticky materials being in the drain while dishwashing is not a new phenomenon. In the end, however, over time it can cause the drain plug and the drain pipe beneath to become blocked.

Pop up Plug

The drain plug that pops up is a bit of a complicated system, but it has its pros and cons. Because both the drain plug as well as the pipe is linked by way of a lever, any blockage could be removed easily. Simply push down drain plug with the lever a few times. Any clog will be removed easily.

Push-Down Plug

However, the push-down drain drain can cause a little bit of trouble if the drain is blocked. Because it operates by way of a spring, this spring could catch stuck hairs and other sticky materials.

Final Words

There’s a constant debate about pop-up drains vs. pull-down drains. Both are suitable for bathrooms and tubs, as opposed to different types of drains. The choice of the best drain is a major matter because we all desire an unreliable drain that’s simple to install and use.

The drain with a push-down is the ideal choice in your kitchen or bathroom. However, if you wish to select an inexpensive option, pop-up drains are to help.


Are pop-up drains better than regular drains?

The draining plug that pops up does not provide clear benefits for people who use it. Sometimes, people like removing a lever that is within a sink, and others may find the lever to be an easier option to shut and open drain pipes.

What is the difference between a clicker drain and a pop-up drain?

While they appear the same on the surface however, the main difference that separates a click-clack popup drain and a traditional popup drain is the fact that the click-clack drain isn’t dependent on pop-up levers.

What is the difference between a grid drain and a pop-up drain?

Grid drainage holes can never be closed and it is not possible to empty the water. Drains for poppers are usually opened or shut by a lever underneath the sink faucets. However, it is possible to find drain levers in a different location. It is helpful when filling the bathtub with water.

What is the difference between pop-up drains with or without overflow?

A simple pushtop allows for easy opening and closing of these beautiful and trendy garbage bins. What’s the distinction in separating waste from garbage? It is done by drilling holes into the top of drain threads that allow the extra water to drain into the drainage pipe.

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