Tectite Vs Sharkbite: Which Is Better?

The fitting for push-to-connect has come into the plumbing system of recent times. It’s a simple replacement to solder the connectors of the system of plumbing. Yet, of the well-known fittings that connect by pushing, the tectite vs sharkbite fittings have seen neck-to-neck rivalry on the market.

What should you choose between Tectite vs Sharkbite brands? The Sharkbite option is suitable for a variety of pipes. It includes an integral liner that protects fittings from being damaged. As for Tectite, it comes with a guarantee of 50 years. Tube lines are available separately. Therefore, you can insert them as you require.

Therefore it is clear that both tectite and sharkbite fittings are excellent however, they have some subtle distinctions. To gain a clearer concept, check out the guide. Once you have that information, you will get a better idea of which option to pick.

Tectite Vs Sharkbite

Table: Comparison Between Tectite  And Sharkbite

Let’s look at the major distinctions between Tectite and the Sharkbite fittings.

ParametersTectite Sharkbite
Tube linerA separate tube liner is provided for insertingAn integral tube liner is present
Grabbing teethNo such teeth present in the grab ringIn the grab ring, small sharklike teeth are placed
Maximum operating temperature180- 250 Fahrenheit200 Fahrenheit
Warranty50 years25 years
Direct applicationCPVC, PE-RT, and Copper pipesPEX, PB, CPVC pipes

An In-Depth Comparison Between Tectite  And Sharkbite

In the table below you will find all of the major differences in tectite vs sharkbite are listed. For an accurate picture of the two species, a further analysis is provided below.

Tube Liner

The tube liner is generally more strength in the connection of the tube to the O-ring. This is the case with the Sharkbite liner, there’s an integral tube liner within the fitting. In contrast, Tactite does provide the tube liner, but it’s not fully an integrated tube liner.

Therefore, when making your PEX pipes it is necessary to separately make use of the tube liner within the Tactite connection. This makes it an arduous and time-consuming process for you to move forward.

Grabbing Teeth

Within the Sharkbite inside, you will find the grab ring, which is made up of teeth that are angled. It is constructed of stainless steel, and it is referred to as “grabbing teeth”. The teeth are moved inside the pipe when is pipe is placed in the pipe fitting. This keeps the pipe in its proper location and helps prevent displacement.

However, The Tactite is not equipped with these teeth to ensure a better grip on the pipe.

Tectite Vs Sharkbite: Which Is Better?

Maximum Operating Temperature

Tactite can operate in an operating temperature of between 180-250 Fahrenheit. It can withstand the highest temperatures of around 121 Celsius and can withstand excessive temperatures.

In contrast, Sharkbite can tolerate temperatures of the temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit, or the temperature of 93 Celsius however, this isn’t lower than. These two are ideal for the installation of a heating element in a water tank.

The damage to the fittings is evident at temperatures that are low or near freezing temperatures.


When it comes to warranties, Sharkbite gives a 25 years guarantee, while the Tectite brand offers a fifty years guarantee. However, the durability of the push-to-connect fittings is in doubt. Because there’s always the risk of being damaged compared with soldered fittings.

Direct Application

Since Sharkbite has an integral tube liner it can be used with PEX, CPVC, and PB pipes to be inserted directly. In addition, it can be utilized when making copper pipes. It is required to take off the integrated tube liner

. This can be accomplished using the Sharkbite disengage tools.

However, CPVC, PE-RT, and Copper pipes are quickly inserted using Tectite fittings. However, for PEX pipes, the use of tube liner is required. Additionally, polybutylene pipes do not work using a Tactite fittings.

Tectite Vs Sharkbite: Which Is Better?

Which Is Better: Sharkbite Or Tectite?

The two Sharkbite and Tectite seem to be very similar in numerous aspects.

  • Like both comprise DZR brass that is well-known to be non-lead.
  • Therefore, they’re suitable for use at the waterslide.
  • Additionally, they can be used to be used behind walls as well as beneath the ground.

With all of these commonalities, there are only a handful of noticeable differences.

  • Most notable is the catch rings.
  • While both fittings feature grab rings The Sharkbite grab ring has solid teeth. It strengthens the bond between the pipe and the fitting, and stops loss of water through the pipe.
  • In addition, Sharkbite can be used in conjunction with many different pipes, including PEX, cpvc pipes, PB and copper pipes.
  • However Tactite comes with a lengthy duration warranty, and it is tolerant in extreme temperatures. This is why it’s perfect for use when building an water heater.

Since the early days, Sharkbite is holding onto its position as the most durable fitting, being regarded as superior to Tactite as well as other fittings when it comes to reliability.

Installation And Ease Of Use

The process of installing fittings made of Tectite is simple and easy. They feature a push-to-connect system which allows for an easy and secure connection, without the need for any specific equipment or soldering. For installing Tectite fittings all you need is to cut the pipe according to your desired length, and ensure that it’s clean and free of debris. just push the fitting on the pipe till it snaps to lock.

Similar to Sharkbite fittings, Sharkbite fittings allow for easy installation. The innovative design of push-to-connect eliminates the need for expensive soldering and threading. With Sharkbite fittings you easily connect pipes from various materials. This makes them useful and flexible to utilize. Installing the fitting involves cutting off the pipe into pieces, deburring the edges, then connecting the Sharkbite connector to the pipe and pressing until it hits the mark of depth.

Tectite Fitting Installation Process:

  1. The pipe should be cut to lengths you prefer.
  2. Make sure the pipe is in good condition and clear of obstructions
  3. The Tectite fitting should be pushed on the pipe till it snaps to lock it

Sharkbite Fitting Installation Steps:

  1. The pipe should be cut to lengths you prefer.
  2. Remove the rough edges of the pipe
  3. The Sharkbite connector into the pipeline until it has reached the mark of depth

For the ease of installation, both Sharkbite and Tectite have users-friendly solutions, which makes them popular with professional and DIY project-oriented users alike.

Durability And Performance

  1. Fittings made of Tectite are renowned for their durability and dependability within plumbing industry systems. They are constructed of premium materials which guarantee longevity over time.
  2. Fittings made of Tectite are subjected to rigorous tests to be compliant with industry standards which makes them impervious to leaks, corrosion and rust. Because of their push-to connect technology installing them is simple, which saves time and energy. They can stand up to high pressures and temperatures, ensuring high-quality performance for a range of plumbing systems.
  3. Fittings made of Sharkbite are also gaining notoriety for their longevity and effectiveness within plumbing systems. The fittings are manufactured from sturdy materials which ensures longevity and reliability.
  4. Fittings made of Sharkbite have been subjected to rigorous durability tests to ensure they are resistant to leaks and corrosion. Thanks to their push-to-connect design the installation process is simple and effective. They are capable of being able to withstand high temperatures and pressures and are suitable to be used in a variety of plumbing needs.
  5. Both fittings made of Tectite as well as sharkbite fittings have been proven about their longevity and efficiency. The decision between them will depend on the individual’s preference as well as particular requirements for international plumbing code.

Cost Considerations

The most important thing to think about in comparing Tectite or Sharkbite fittings is the cost. fittings made of Tectite fittings tend to be less expensive in comparison to sharkbite fittings. They are a budget-friendly option for a variety of plumbing jobs. The cost analysis of plumbing fittings made of Tectite fittings is based on the cost of purchase, which is usually lower in comparison with shark bite fittings.

In contrast, Sharkbite fittings could have a more expensive price initially, but they offer the most convenience, specifically for DIY enthusiast. They’re easy to put in, and require the use of no tools, or soldering. This is why they are an cost-effective option when you intend to install them by yourself.

Although both styles may differ with regards to upfront costs but it’s equally important to take into consideration the long-term impacts. Take into consideration factors like longevity, reliability, as well as maintenance. It is essential to select fittings that stand any test and prevent additional costs for repair or replacement.

Tectite Vs Sharkbite: Which Is Better?

Compatibility And Versatility

Fittings made of Tectite are renowned for their compatibility with broad range of substances. The fittings are compatible in conjunction with copper pipes, PEX, or CPVC pipes. This makes them an flexible option for a variety of plumbing jobs. However the Sharkbite fittings were designed to be able to work with different pipe types quickly. They are compatible in conjunction with pipes made of copper pipe, PEX as well as PVC pipe and offer versatility and comfort during construction.

 Tectite FittingsSharkbite Fittings
MaterialBrassLead-free Brass
CompatibilityCopper, PEX, CPVCCopper, PEX, CPVC
ApplicationHot and cold waterHot and cold water
FeaturesReliable, leak-freeInnovative, easy to use

Fittings made of Tectite are suitable for both commercial and residential installations. They are suitable for hot as well as cold water supply systems in addition to for cooling and heating purposes. Sharkbite fittings, on side, are good for use in residential applications and can be utilized in hot as well as cold-water systems. These fittings are not suitable to be used in high-pressure areas or in conjunction that are connect fittings to gas pipelines.


Are Tectite fittings any good?

I’ve used Peglertectite traditional push fit fittings a many times and am certain it’s dependable. However, it was very bulky and cost-effective. They can be taken out manually using a quality device.

Why do plumbers say not to use SharkBite?

Although sharkbite fittings might appear to be to be a less expensive option at the first sight, they may end up costing you much more over the long run. Professional plumber say that when you choose to invest in high-quality sharkbite products, you will pay back quickly and quick fixes can result in difficulties that can drain your bank account more quickly.

Do professionals use SharkBite fittings?

Shark Bite push-on connectors Shark Bite push-on connectors have been modified to fit different pipes, including PEX copper CPU spc as well as HDPE SDR-9. Professional users who utilize SharkBite report that they find the Sharkbite Universal’s fittings very easy to work with.

What do plumbers think of SharkBite fittings?

The majority of uniform plumbing code industry experts are convinced that SharkBite along with other varieties of push-on fittings should only be employed in emergency scenarios and not for the permanent plumbing system.

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