Best Pipe Dope : Top 10 Picks by An Expert

We often encounter the suffering of a leaking pipe. It is a disturbance in our calm life.

Best Pipe Dope : Top 10 Picks by An Expert

However, it is easy to prevent water pipes or gas lines from leaking. All you need is a high-quality dope or pipe thread sealant to secure seal the leaks and prevent damage to the pipes.

There are several brands and products claiming themselves to be the leading pipe dopes to fix gas and water lines.

But to be honest, not all of them are worth the money and can often cause you to face more trouble than required.

We have researched the world of pipe thread sealants and found the best pipe dope options available in the market. Read on to know their name and specialties.



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Rectorseal T Plus 2 Pipe Thread Sealant

Rectorseal Tube No.5 Pipe Fixing Dope

Oatey Pipe Joint Compound

Rectorseal Tru-Blu Plumbing Pipe Dope

Nylog Blue Gasket/Pipe Thread Sealant

Types Of Dope For Gas lines and Water

In today’s world, we usually use three types of basic pipe sealants.

These are:

  • Teflon Tape
  • Pipe Dope
  • Anaerobic Resin Compounds

Let’s know a bit about these three different types of pipe sealants.

1. Teflon Tape

Teflon Tape

Teflon tape is commonly used in the industry of plumbing in order to fix and assemble water pipes, gas lines, and other fittings.

This white tape is widely popular due to its non-stickiness, which makes it easier for gas contractors and plumbers to assemble the threaded connections water pipes found in a piping system.

Plumbers can easily work with Teflon tape to join the threaded connections pipes, but it does not exactly work as a proper sealant for pipes. This is because the Teflon tape was not originally manufactured to fix the pipes.

All you have to do is wrap the tape in the direction of the threads in the water pipes and gas lines so that the tape does not tear and form leaks.

However, experts do not recommend the use of Teflon tape on pipes that have high pressure, as it cannot provide resistance against vibration.

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2. Pipe Dope

Pipe Dope

Pipe dopes are the most commonly used pipe sealant and are being used in the plumbing industry for decades now.

The plumbers apply blue monster dope to the pipes, which seals all the leaks on the pipe after drying. This sealant is usually used in piping systems where the pressure or temperature is not too high.

However, there are often instances when the blue monster tape dissolves over time and causes leaks to form in the water lines and gas pipes.

Experts recommend plumbers and gas contractors not make many adjustments to the system after applying the sealant. It is the best sealant for gas pipe that works on a wide range of surfaces and materials.

3. Anaerobic Resin Compounds

Anaerobic Resin Compounds

The chemical composition of anaerobic resin compounds is completely different than the blue monster tape dope composition. After applying the sealant, it begins working when there is no air present in the system.

The anaerobic resin compounds do not contain any sort of solvent, and the seal does not crack or leak after drying due to the absence of solvent.

Anaerobic resin compounds have the ability to provide resistance against high temperatures, pressure, and vibration. This sealant provides a professional-grade seal to the piping systems, which is highly durable compared to the Teflon tape and pipe dopes.

Experts recommend plumbers use this specific type of sealant on pipes and lines where they have to make slight adjustments.

A List of The Best Pipe Dope in 2023

1. Rectorseal T Plus 2 Pipe Thread Sealant

When we use a pipe thread sealant to seal a pipe, taking the sealant off the pipe without causing any damage often turns out to be a difficult challenge.

Pipe sealants that harden easily can make it even more difficult to take off. However, the Rectorseal T Plus 2 Pipe Thread Sealant is a high-quality non-hardening pipe sealant that contains a mixture of Teflon and synthetic fibers.

You can easily peel or take this sealant off from the threaded pipe without damaging the pipe in any way.

This sealant can be used on the majority of materials, such as iron, brass, aluminum, copper, polyethylene, galvanized steel, and so on.

Even though it is a non-hardening sealant, the incorporation of synthetic fibers and Teflon in the product allows it to provide a stronger and better grip on the thread pipe joints. This plumbing blue monster tape offers a great seal for both water pipes and gas lines.

When talking about the blue monster tape for water lines and gas in the market, you cannot skip this one. It is also a great replacement for the famous Teflon tapes due to their compatibility with various types of materials.

Highlighted Features:

  • Non-hardening pipe thread.
  • Incorporated with a mixture of synthetic fibers and Teflon.
  • Does not damage the pipe while coming off.
  • Compatible with most of the plumbing materials.
  • Works for both water pipes and gas lines.

2. Rectorseal Tube No.5 Pipe Fixing Dope

We all know that blue monster dope is a multipurpose pipe thread sealant, but this product is generally available in cans that contain a minimum of 4 ounces. The problem with the size of a pipe thread sealant is that people find it hard to carry it in their toolboxes.

In order to solve this problem, Rectorseal introduced a convenient pipe thread sealant tube. Gas contractors and plumbers all over the world use the high-quality Rectorseal Tube No.5 pipe thread to make pipes and lines leakproof.

This pipe sealant works on a wide range of materials, such as metal, polyethylene, reinforced fiberglass, PVC, and so on.

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It is a soft-setting thread sealant; thus, it has the ability to seal threaded pipes accurately without hardening. This sealant comes off easily when you try to remove sealant from threaded pipes.

While the majority of sealants available in the market can withstand high pressure, this sealant can only withstand 100 psi.

As it cannot withstand high pressure, this blue monster dope is only suitable for applications that are quick-fix. Even though this product is compatible with a lot of materials, do not use it on oxygen and ABS pipes.

Highlighted Features:

  • Soft setting and slow drying sealant.
  • Only suitable for quick-fix treatments.
  • Should not be used on oxygen and ABS pipes.
  • Versatile pipe thread sealant.

3. Oatey Pipe Joint Compound

Oatey is a popular brand name in the world of pipe dopes. You can easily find professional-grade products from them in both residential and commercial applications. Oatey’s Pipe Joint Compound is one of the most popular products by the company.

Similar to the pipe thread sealant we discussed above, this pipe joint liquid is non-hardening as well. Therefore, this compound provides great lubrication and seals water pipes and gas lines. This product works well in both high temperatures and pressure.

This sealant can resist pressure up to 10000 psi for liquid and up to 3000 psi for gas. In liquid, it can bear temperatures from -50 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas, in gas, the temperature limit is -50 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Professional gas contractors and plumbers consider this pipe joint sealing compound as the dope for natural gas in the market.

You can use this sealant on a wide range of materials like copper, PVC, steel, ABS, polypropylene, and CPVC lines. But the use of this product must be completely avoided when it comes to plastic.

It is a non-toxic product that comes in a can of 4 ounces and prevents all sorts of leakage caused by the internal pressure of the pipes.

Highlighted Features:

  • Non-hardening, professional-grade dope for gas lines.
  • Resists high pressure.
  • Withstands high temperature.
  • Must be avoided on plastic materials.
  • Non-toxic joint compound.

4. Rectorseal Tru-Blu Plumbing Pipe Dope

Although the majority of sealants available are white in color, there are a few sealants that come in various colors. One of these colored sealants is the Rectorseal Tru-Blu pipe thread sealant.

This multipurpose thread sealant dries within a few minutes of application and resists temperature, high pressure, and vibration. This sealant is available to people in cans of 4 ounces.

The vibration resistance of this product makes it suitable for use in refrigeration and other industrial sectors. This Tru-Blu thread sealant can resist pressure up to 10000 psi in liquids and 2000 psi in gases.

However, the temperature resistance of this sealant is quite lower compared to the others as it withstands temperatures between -40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

This product contains PTFE in it, and the function of PFTE is to enhance the lubrication of the threaded pipes while assembling the piping systems. This product does not contain any trace of lead, which makes it completely safe for use.

You can use this sealant on several materials like iron, galvanized steel, reinforced fiberglass, copper, brass, etc.

Highlighted Features:

  • Suitable for several materials, including metals and plastic.
  • Fast-drying pipe thread sealant.
  • Resists temperature, vibration, and high pressure.
  • PTFE enriched.
  • Completely safe for use.

5. Nylog Blue Pvc Pipe Dope

Joining two pieces of pipes without the help of a thread sealant is very tough. If the pipes are not joined properly, then they can easily form a leak.

In order to make pipe joints free of troubling leaks, Refrigeration Technologies introduced the Nylog Blue pipe thread sealant. The sealant is an elastic liquid that has been specifically designed for hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) refrigerants.

But as the product got 410A approval, it can be used as a universal sealant on several types of materials.

It is one of the few PVC pipe dopes available in the market. Manufactures manufactured this sealant using refrigerant quality synthetic thread lubricant. Thus, using this sealant will save you from any sort of compatibility or contamination problems.

This product is completely miscible with all kinds of refrigerants and system oils.
The dope comes in an easy-to-use bottle containing 30ml of liquid. You only have to apply a small amount of the product to the pipe thread and the pipe joint.

It is a non-hardening sealant that can easily resist high temperatures and pressures in the lines. If you want to save your PVC pipes from leaks, then you must consider this high-quality sealant.

Highlighted Features:

  • A great PVC pipe dope.
  • Non-hardening sealant.
  • Resists high temperature and pressure.
  • It does not cause contamination.
  • Compatible with all kinds of refrigerants.

6. Rectroseal Tube T Plus 2 Ppe Joint Liquid

We have already reviewed the Rectroseal T Plus 2 pipe thread sealant above. The Rectroseal Tube T Plus 2 is basically the smaller and convenient version of this sealant.

Carrying a heavy can of sealant in the toolbox is not easy. So, manufacturers introduced this tube sealant to make things easier for gas companies, contractors, and plumbers.

If you are in search of the dope for gas lines and water pipes, then consider purchasing this one.

This sealant has PTFE and synthetic fibers in it, which ensure the great sealing compound performance of the product. It is a non-hardening pipe sealant; thus, it is easier to take off from the pipe joints.

You can easily use this tube sealant to seal several pipe materials, such as PVC, CPVC, aluminum, steel, polyethylene, and many more. The T Plus 2 sealant can be pressurized right after applying it to the pipes. It can resist high pressures in both liquids and gases.

This gas line dope comes in a tube containing 1.75 ounces of product. You can read the application instructions by the manufacturer on the tube and apply the product accordingly.

If you are working on a project where instant pressurization is a must, then you must consider buying this product.

Highlighted Features:

  • Non-hardening, professional-grade pipe sealant.
  • Convenient packaging.
  • Contains synthetic fibers and PTFE.
  • Multipurpose pipe thread sealant.
  • Convenient packaging.

7. Millrose Monster PFTE Sealant Tape

We know that PFTE tape, commonly known as Teflon tape, is another great pipe thread sealant.

There are several tape thread sealants in the market, but the one that caught our eye is the Millrose Monster PFTE pipe thread sealant tape.

So, what is special about this tape sealant? A problem we often face while using a dope is that the pipe ends up being damaged when we try to take off the sealant.

However, there is no chance of damaging the water pipe when you use PFTE pipe sealant tape. The Millrose Monster PFTE tape is a thick thread pipe sealant that effectively seals all the leaks and joints of threaded pipes.

You can use this as galvanized steel, stainless steel, iron, brass, PVC, CPVS, ABS, and copper pipe dope. This tape comes in a monstrous tape roll of 1429 inches and is five times thicker than the majority of Teflon tapes available in the market.

There is no curing time needed when it comes to this tape sealant. It has an unlimited shelf life, which means that there is no expiry date for this tape.

It is a non-toxic, non-flammable, and clean PFTE tape and works as lubrication in threaded pipes.

Highlighted Features:

  • A huge 1429 inches’ tape.
  • Easy to use and durable tape sealant.
  • Non-flammable and non-toxic.
  • 5 times thicker than traditional Teflon tapes.
  • Multipurpose pipe thread sealant tape.

8. Gasoila Soft-Set Dope for Pipe Connection

The Gasoila Soft-Set Pipe Thread Sealant, as the name suggests, is a soft-setting thread pipe sealant. This non-hardening feature of this sealant provides a strong seal, but it can easily be taken off in order to reseal the pipe after years of use.

This pipe thread sealant works on all types of materials, including brass, polyethylene, PVC, ABS, tin, aluminum, copper, steel, plastic, metals, and so on.

This sealant contains PTFE, and its high consistency makes it easier to apply by the brush that comes with the product.

This sealant can easily resist all types of vibrations and movements. Just don’t use this sealant on oxygen pipes; otherwise, it is safe for use on all other pipe materials.
Gasoila thread pipe sealant can resist both high temperatures and pressure.

It resists temperature from -100 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, liquid pressure up to 10000 psi, and gas pressure up to 3000 psi.

You can securely use this sealant with hydraulic pipes, and it is also safe for those lines that transport gasoline and other petroleum solvents. This is one of the most multipurpose pipe dopes available in the market.

Highlighted Features:

  • Soft-setting threaded pipe sealant.
  • Resists vibration and movements.
  • Withstands high pressure and temperatures.
  • Versatile pipe sealant.
  • Includes PFTE.

9. Hercules Real Tuff Gas Line Pipe Dope

We definitely do not want to take any chances when it comes to sealing compound a pipe using pipe dope. The pipe will end up getting leaked without a proper dope seal.

Fortunately, the Hercules Real Tuff sealant is here to help you with this issue.
This pipe thread sealant includes the highest percentage of PFTE in the market, which makes sure that the water pipes and gas lines get a high-quality, strong, and durable seal.

It is a multi-purpose sealant that enhances lubrication on all types of materials, such as metals, plastic, ABS, PVC, CPVC, and many more. Do not use this sealant on oxygen lines.

This gas pipe sealant can strongly resist expansion, contractions, and vibrations without causing any sort of damage to the pipes or lines. It can also resist high temperatures from -200 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and pressure up to 12000 psi.

It dries within a few seconds of application and forms a strong and leak-free joint in the threaded connections pipes. It is easy to apply sealant, and the no-dripping feature prevents the formula from dripping.

Highlighted Features:

  • Contains the highest percentage of PFTE.
  • Versatile pipe thread sealant.
  • Resists high temperatures and pressure.
  • Soft-setting dope for gas lines.

10. Rectorseal 25631 (4-Ounce) Dope

We all know that pipe dope is a useful and versatile product as it is used to seal pipes and lines to prevent leaking. Earlier in this guide, we reviewed the Rectorseal Tube No.5 pipe thread.

While the tube sealant contains a small amount of product, this sealant comes in a can of 4 ounces.

The Rectorseal No.5 pipe thread works on all types of pipe threads material, including metals and plastic. However, we do not recommend the use of this sealant on ABS pipes and oxygen lines.

It is a soft-setting sealant that seals metal pipe threads properly and resists the hardening of the product at the same time. While tightening the sealant, remember not to over-tighten it as that will cause damage to the pipe.

This sealant is not an ideal product for pipes that require permanent fixing as it cannot withstand the pressure of more than 100 psi. Hence, we only recommend the use of this sealant for temporary and quick fixes.

Highlighted Features:

  • Soft-setting sealant.
  • Multipurpose pipe thread.
  • Recommended for quick fixes only.
  • Resists pressure up to 100 psi.
  • Avoid use on oxygen lines and ABS pipes.

Comparison Table of Best Pipe Thread sealant

Product Name


Pressure Resistance

Temperature Resistance (°F)

Rectorseal 23631 1/4 Pint Adhesives & Sealants

4 oz.

Liquid – 10000 psi
Gas – 3000 psi

-15 to 350

Rectorseal 25790 Pipe Thread Sealant

1.75 oz.

100 psi

-20 to 125

Oatey 31230 Pipe Joint

4 oz.

Liquid – 10000 psi
Gas – 3000 psi

-50 to 500

Rectorseal 31631 Tru-Blu Pipe Thread Sealant

4 oz.

Liquid – 10000 psi
Gas – 2000 psi

-40 to 140

RT201B Nylog Gasket by Ref. Technologies

0.8 oz.

Liquid – 10000 psi
Gas – 2000 psi

-35 to 425

Rectorseal 23710 T Plus Pipe Thread Sealant

1.75 oz.

Liquid – 10000 psi
Gas – 3000 psi

-15 to 350

Mill-Rose 70886 Monster PTFE Pipe Sealant

1429 inches

Liquid – 10000 psi
Gas – 3000 psi

-450 to 500

Gasoila - SS16 Soft-Set Pipe Dope

1 pint

Liquid – 10000 psi
Gas – 3000 psi

-100 to 600

Hercules 15620

8 oz.

12000 psi

-200 to 500

Rectorseal 25631

4 oz.

100 psi

-20 to 125

Think To Consider Before Buying Pipe Joint Compound

best thread sealant

The reason why we use pipe dopes is to prevent leaks and damage in water pipes and gas lines.

There are several pipe dopes available in the market, but one pipe thread sealant does not work on all types of materials. There are three factors to consider before purchasing pipe dope. These are-


It is essential to make sure that the pipe thread sealant has the ability to withstand high temperatures. The majority of the time, the sealant must handle the temperature without cracking or hardening.

Even though Teflon tape seems like a basic pipe sealant, it has a strong grip on pipes and lines. These white-colored tapes typically resist temperatures from -200 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, pipe dopes and anaerobic resin compounds do not have the same temperature resistance as Teflon tape. These two types of pipe thread sealants can generally resist temperatures from -50 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although this range of temperature resistance is enough for the majority of applications, it still restricts use in a few sectors.

Material Of The Pipe

While Teflon tape and anaerobic resin compounds work great on metals, pipe dope efficiently works on the majority of pipe materials. It is essential to check the pipe materials’ sustainability before applying the sealant.

Metal pipe materials include aluminum, brass, iron, copper, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and so on. Reinforced fiberglass, ABS, PVC, CPVC, polyethylene, etc., are categorized under synthetic pipe materials.

We know that some of the pipe thread sealants are multipurpose and work on a wide range of pipe materials.

However, they do not work on all sorts of materials. If you use a sealant that does not suit the pipe material, then it can cause damage and more leakage in the pipes.


When it comes to residential installations or pipe fixing, there is no reason to worry about the pressure.

Natural gas does not have high pressure. And even though a leak in the water pipe causes trouble, water pressure is usually not more than 80 psi.

However, the situation is a lot different when it comes to commercial installations. The pressure in industrial pipes and lines is way higher compared to the household pipe pressures.

The pipe thread sealants that are to be used for this type of situation must have the ability to resist high temperatures and pressure. The majority of such pipe dopes can easily resist liquid pressure of 10000 psi and gas pressure of 3000 psi.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Pipe Dopes Permanent?

The majority of pipe dopes are non-hardening, which means that they have a strong grip but can easily be taken off the pipe if needed without causing any damage.
However, if the leak is not fixed even after applying the pipe dope, then you will most probably have to change the pipe.

Does Pipe Dope Harden?

While most of the pipe dope available in the market come with a soft-setting feature, there are a few pipe dopes that harden over time.
We do not recommend the use of pipe dopes that end up being stiff and completely dry. This is because it is hard to take off such products and often causes damage to the pipe.

What Is The Best Pipe Sealant For PVC Pipes?

Out of the three types of pipe sealants, pipe dope is the most compatible pipe sealant that works on PVC. If you ask about a specific sealant to use on PVC, then we would suggest using the Rectorseal T Plus 2 sealant.

How Long Does It Take For Pipe Dope To Dry?

The amount of time it takes a pipe thread sealant to dry depends completely on the product.
If you are using a soft-setting or non-hardening sealant, then the pipe dope will never fully dry. These pipe dopes offer the most resistance against vibrations and other movements.

Final Words

It is a challenging task to find the right pipe dope in order to fix leak pipe joints properly.

But now that we have researched the market and reviewed the finest pipe dopes available, it’ll be easier for you to find the pipe dope according to your needs.

Each pipe dope has its own features and properties. Try to find the one that suits your plumbing requirements. Do not forget to consider the temperature, pressure, and pipe material before selecting a sealant.

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